Everyone loves winter when you can go outside to play snowball with your families and having fun together, but when we talk about your car, maybe winter is the worst season in your life. When you wake up from your bed in the morning and try to start the car, it just fell like the end of this world when you just hear the click… click… sounds. Well, there is only one source for that sound: your dead battery. Well, you surely don’t want to cancel your activities which you have planned far behind just because of that dead battery. Fine then, try to follow the simple steps below to keep your battery ‘alive’:

a. Auto Battery Maintenance

You can get this service from your car manufacturer with free. The steps are simple, yet very important to keep the life of your battery. When you choose to do this by yourself, remove the negative cable then the positve from the battery. Clean their ends along with the terminal using wire brush. After you finish this, put the cables back, starting with the positive one.

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b. Check your battery acid
Take a screwdriver and pop off the cell tops. Pour some tap water if the acid is not full.

c. Battery charger
After having the first two steps done, go to the local auto parts store and ask them to test your battery load performance. This will help you to detect any weakening sign from the battery. If there is any sign, you can place a mini battery charger on the battery to give extra power during the whole night.