No matter which side do we have – the one with no electricity or the helper, there are some important things, which we have to know when comes to jump-starting car battery. The rules are for everyone, because they are rule of the physics and prevent us from injury or other damage.

Usually the car battery, as any other type of battery has positive and negative terminals, which are marked and easy to be seen and found: the positive (+) is usually red and the negative (-) with black. If you look on the top of the battery – you see that the positive is little larger by size than the negative, always double check the colors of the cables and the symbols of the battery. One small mistake wile jump-starting car battery can make you sorry.

One other thing to pay attention while you’re jumping car battery is that the discharged batteries can release hydrogen, which is highly flammable.  The order of attaching the cables is very important so there is no spark, which can cause a lot of damage along with the hydrogen – even explosion of the battery and injuries to the people. It is the same at home – always put the cable before to plug in the charger, just safety.

In fact jumping car battery looks simple and if done as it has to be done – it is, there are some steps to follow and if you are aware of them your life will be easier when the battery of the car dies – we all had passed it at least once.

  1. First working car should be found and brought to the one with the dead battery, and both must be positioned so the batteries are as close as it is possible. Usually the cables for jumping car battery are not too long, that is why.
  2. The batteries must be checked if they have the same voltage, usually all the cars use 12V system, but trucks and tractors use 24V batteries. The 12V must be connected only with 12V and no other, better find another vehicle, but never connect 12 with 24 V batteries!
  3. While jump-starting car battery both engines must be off, and any consumer, even the lighter must be stopped, too.
  4. After finding and opening the jumper cables do not connect them in series or put the positive on the negative or opposite, it may cause a lot of damage on both the working and the dead batteries. It is important when jump-starting car battery to check both batteries for cracks and leaks, if there are some – don’t make the jumping.
  5. The order is simple – first the (+) of the dead battery, then the (+)of the working, after that – the (-) of the working, and at the end – you attach the last cable to unpainted, solid metal part of the dead car.
  6. The real jumping car battery is when the working car is started – it charges both batteries, and must be left to work for more than 5 minutes and then to try starting the other vehicle. If the dead car don’t start is better to live the other to work little more and then to try again.
  7. After the disabled car start working, it must be left to work for more than 20 minutes to charge enough power in the battery.

The only thing left I to remove the cables in the opposite order – starting from the (-) of the dead car, and to say thank you!