Most drivers are able to perform a battery change on their own. It might be a little bit tricky to take the battery out actually, because this is heavy. However, it is not impossible. Car batteries usually come with a sixty-month warranty. It is best to replace your car battery before it drains completely and catches you unprepared. Here is what you have to do:

Turn off the engine of your car and find the battery. Disconnect the black cable from the battery. You can use a combination wrench to loosen the nut, but battery pliers or a wrench might be better.

The cable should come out if you twist it and pull it up with your hand. In case this does not happen, go to an auto store and buy a battery terminal puller. This will get the job done. It is not a good idea to employ a screwdriver because this might cause damage to the battery terminal.

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Do the same thing with the red cable.

Take out the hold-down clamp of the battery with a socket and ratchet. You can also use a combination wrench.

The battery can now be lifted and taken out. If it does not have a handle for you to use, grab it from bottom with both your hands because it is heavy.

Take a wire brush and some baking soda and water solution and use them for washing away rust from the tray of the battery and the hold-down clamp.

Also, remove corrosion from the battery cable connectors. You can buy some battery cleaning solution from an auto store if you notice heavy corrosion.

Put the new battery in the tray and re-attach the hold-down clamp to it. If you want to, apply some anti-corrosion solution to the terminal ends. Reattach the cables, starting with the red one. They should be tightened carefully. If they are not sufficiently tightened or if they slightly move, they might prevent your car from starting.

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