Ford has applied kinetic design language to create a compact, sporty and stylish car, the Ford B-Max, which adds its own distinctive character to Ford’s MAV line-up. Much before the new Ford B-Max was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show, the MAX concept had become the talk-of-the town for its innovative technology. Like a mirror held up to Europe’s economic and political woes, the Ford B-Max is a fine example of the cars automakers have planned for the continent.

Ford B-Max-frontside angle-view
Look beyond the wishful thinking about electric cars, the lust-inducing craziness of supercars and the stupendously outrageous SUVs headed for China and you see cars like the Ford B-Max are Europe’s reality in 2012. The realities of Europe are further illustrated by the fact that the Ford B-Max manufacturing will be handled by Automobile Craiova, which became Ford’s Eastern European subsidiary in 2008 after three turbulent decades under Ford of Romanian, French and Korean ownership.

Ford B-Max-rearside angle-view
Speaking of the exteriors, the Ford B-Max striking front-end signifies a bold new interpretation of Ford’s signature trapezoidal grille. Other distinctive kinetic design elements in the Ford B-Max specs include strong headlamp graphics, muscular shoulder line with its powerful undercut, a characteristic window line with its kick-up behind the rear doors, and prominent wheel lips. Inside the Ford B-Max, bold graphics and sculptured surfaces develop the themes found in Ford’s latest small and medium cars.

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Distinctive features in the Ford B-Max include the slim, wing-like section of the upper instrument panel which reaches out to the door panels, and the prominent centre console, which flows down between the front seats. Ford B-Max MPV is a surprisingly practical Ford microvan based on the subcompact Ford Fiesta, with a pair of sliding doors like an urban version of the late, great Subaru Sumo. But because the Ford B-Max is a car you’ll actually be able to buy this year, it has a turbocharged engine as opposed to batteries, fuel cells and fairy dust.

Under the Ford B-Max hood, Ford will place a 1.0 liter three cylinder EcoBoost engine with both direct injection and turbo; next to this; however, Ford will be offering more conventional petrol and diesel engines from the Fiesta range. While the Ford B-Max 1.0-liter new 3 cylinder cars turbo EcoBoost is a compact, clever unit not unlike what we saw in the Sumo.

Ford B-MAX Preview

Competitors Ford B-Max

Weird as it may sound, the Ford B-Max is rather like the Toyota GT 86 and Subaru BRZ: A 1980s idea that has been refined, improved and built more cheaply and efficiently. In that regard, it’s a reality check for the industry: We can dream of hydrogen-powered, hyper-connected glass bubbles whisking us to a cleaner, greener future, but cars like the Ford B-Max are what we’ll actually see on the road.

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Ford B-Max-engine-design
Ford predicted that the biggest market for minivans and Class B models are France and Italy, therefore, they will be the main market for the Ford B-Max. But Ford also expect to sell well the Ford B-Max in Germany and Britain. New Ford B-Max will have as its main competitors Opel Meriva, Honda Jazz, Citroen C3 Picasso, Veng KIA, Nissan Note, Hyundai ix20. Meanwhile, the Ford B-Max production in Ford of Romanian will depend on the market.

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