Extreme Caterhams

What’s this with ‘extreme’ Caterhams headline – is not every Seven ‘extreme’? Pressure 10 gales with the cockpit, your ears under constant assault, tail-out action waiting at each roundabout – all Caterhams deliver extremes as standard.

But the look of probably the most crazy Seven of all of them within the classifieds has me itchiness to blow a pile on which should be the quickest road vehicle per pound on the planet.

Extreme is the only method to describe the absolutely mental Levante RST-V8 that the seller (Sevens & Classics) claims is ‘the quickest Caterham available.A No argument there.

The Levante’s Russell Savory-built RST-V8 2.4-litre supercharged engine kicks out – watch for this – 550hp. Everything energy funnels via a six-speed consecutive Sadev gearbox, and also you get launch control. Electronic limits mean you cannot exceed 150mph but in route there little else will touch you: -62mph by 50 percent.6 seconds and, more to the stage, -100mph within an astonishing 4.5 seconds.

Tasty items of package include inboard FreeStyle front suspension, Nitron three-way adjustable dampers, Hi-Spec dvds and 4-piston calipers over-all, a brake prejudice insurer, lots of carbon along with a challengingly styled aero package. And also the V8 sounds sensational through its BTB rear-exit exhausts.

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It was produced in 2009 but it is done just 500 miles since that time. Only eight other Levantes were ever built, so when new these cars cost over £115,000. Helps make the £59,995 selling price look not uncommon…

Running the Levante a really close second within the crazy stakes is Caterham’s 620R. The familiar 2.-litre Duratec engine is supercharged within the 620R to ensure that it packs 310hp. Thinking about the Seven only weighs in at 500kg, the energy-to-weight ratio of 620hp per tonne gives the vehicle its title.

Such as the Levante, the 620R includes a six-speed Sadev consecutive gearbox and it is -62mph duration of 2.79 seconds is nearly as quick. But does not it look cute on its 13in alloys – the other performance vehicle nowadays has 13s? Arrived at think about it, the other performance vehicle has front tyres as skinny as 185/55? A part of miracle which makes Caterhams a lot fun.

This 2014 Riviera Blue example with only 400 miles around the clock is among three really low-mileage 620Rs presently available at Caterham Cars HQ. All are north of £50K, but that one provides the cost effective at £50,995. Caterham provides you with a totally free track day voucher using the vehicle – you are have to it.

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Another 620R is SuperVettura’s. Searching super-awesome using its Gulf Oil fresh paint plan, it is a 2015 vehicle that’s barely run in (only 670 miles around the clock).

It might not be cheap at £52,950 however it does include an interchangeable carbon wind deflector/heated windshield, doorways, weather gear along with a colour-matched up track day roll bar.

Within this company, Caterham’s Superlight R500 feels positively wimpy. -62mph in 3.5 seconds? Pah! However with its 263hp engine, consecutive gearbox, limited-slip diff, carbon parts and Stack display, it’s the most of the same elements like a 620R – but you’ll cough up much less money.

One really low-mileage R500 within the classifieds is that this 2009 ‘Ballistic Orange’ example. Provided by Caterham Cars South includes a mere 695 miles around the clock and it is up for £38,995.

And when you need to go old-school extreme, what about a Jonathan Palmer Evolution? Number 52 of just 53 available, this 1998 JPE has its own original 250hp Swindon Racing Vauxhall 2. engine with throttle physiques. OK, it isn’t really delivery mileage but 5K is extremely lower in anyone’s book. At £46,994, it’s pricey – but it is got ‘investment’ written throughout it.