Dodge Viper

Dodge Viper

The Dodge Viper 

was created in 1992 and is still currently in production with the Viper SRT-10 version and the new coupe. Generation One (1992-1995) of the Viper was a styling and performance hit. The V-10 engine was originally built to be used for a truck. Lamborghini who was then a division of Dodge / Chrysler worked on the engine but could not convince Dodge to upgrade the engine from a 2 valve pushrod engine to a 4 valve “up to date” engine due to the costs. It was already fast enough!
The Generation One engine produced 400 hp (298 kW) at 4600 rpm and 450 ft·lbf (610 N·m) of torque at 3600 RPM. Some would say that Dodge spent most of the money on the V-10 engine, and they were probably right. The Generation Ones did not have power windows, power locks, air conditioning, anti lock brakes, or even glass windows; they were plastic! The car had such strong demand that there was only one goal, stuff a huge engine in it and make it fast as can be!

Generation Two (1996-2002) brought many upgrades throughout the years. Improved brakes, and anti-lock brakes finally in 2001 brought somewhat up to date an area of the car that previously seemed like it was an after-thought. By this time even cheap economy cars had anti-lock brakes and it was about time for a $70,000+ car. The engine grew bigger to 8.0 litres and 450 horsepower and went 0-60 in almost a second faster than the Generation One vipers and 22 MPH faster top speed up to now 184 MPH. There was also an ACR version which added 10 horsepower from air intake tubes and a K&N; air filter. This verison was mainly for club racers as it deleted the air conditioning, radio, and fog lights to reduce weight. It also had more firm sport tuned chassis and suspension. Cabin heat from the massive engine up front was a big problem.

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The GTS version was introduced in 1996 which was a hardtop only version that was very popular with club racers and eventually had a R spec factory made race car version which won Le Mans 24 Hour competition race in 1998, 1999, and 2000. Pretty impressive for a truck engine!

Dodge Viper SRT-10 Convertible
Generation Three (2003-Present) was the best performance version yet to date; the SRT-10. I’ve owned a red Viper SRT-10 (pictured above/below). The engine was increased to 8.3 litres (505 cubic inches) and 500 horsepower and 525 ft·lbf of torque (This was later changed to 510 horsepower when horsepower regulations were introduced. It was the same exact engine but horsepower certification said the engine was worth 510 horsepower).
Dodge Viper Engine
It has 18 inch chrome rims on the front rims with 275/35 tires and 19 inch rims on the back with 345/30 tires. Brakes were again upgraded to 14 inch Brembo brakes and was the best upgrade yet. Motor trend magazine tested the brakes and they had the best stopping distance of any car under $1,000,000 yet to date! Awesome for a car starting around $85,000. Top speed has been reported at 190mph and 0-60 times of 3.9 seconds. The exhaust pipes come out the side of the car underneath the doors which can get hot but the cabin is much cooler compared to Generation One and Two vipers. Some die-hard viper enthusiasts said that the viper lost its hard edge feel, I disagree. 🙂
Dodge Viper Interior
There are many easy upgrades available for vipers such as custom exhaust and air intakes that can easily add 10-50 horsepower. There are many tuners that have upgrades to 1000 horsepower via twin turbos or superchargers that can make vipers some of the fastest cars in the world.
Dodge Viper Pics

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