The Exide Premium EA852 car battery is a top-of-the-line offering from the Exide Premium lineup, designed for high-performance vehicles that require a reliable and durable power source. With its advanced AGM technology and maintenance-free design, this battery offers consistent performance, ample starting power, and long reserve capacity.

One of the standout features of the EA852 is its high CCA (cold cranking amps) rating, which is a measure of the battery’s ability to start an engine in low-temperature conditions. With a CCA of 800, this battery is capable of providing the power required to start even the most demanding engines in extreme weather conditions.

Another key aspect of the EA852 is its robust construction, which helps ensure reliable performance over the life of the battery. The battery’s sturdy casing and advanced internal components are designed to withstand harsh driving conditions, making it an ideal choice for vehicles that are frequently exposed to extreme temperatures, heavy vibration, and other challenging environments.

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Overall, the Exide Premium EA852 is a top-notch battery that offers high-performance and reliable power for a wide range of vehicles. Whether you’re driving a high-performance sports car, a heavy-duty truck, or anything in between, this battery is designed to provide the power and performance you need, no matter what the driving conditions may be.

Voltage 12 Volts
Technology Wet
Capacity (C20) 85 Ah
CCA (EN) 800 A
Length 315 mm
Width 175 mm
Height inc. terms 175 mm
Guarantee 4 Years