Based On NEW figures through the National Automobile Thievery Reduction Council, profit-motivated robberies around australia are rising.

RACQ Executive Manager Technical and Safety Policy Steve Spalding stated: “These robberies are purely motivated through the need to strip or sell the automobile to make money”.

“Within the huge most of cases, the vehicle secrets are stolen. For thieves, it’s as simple as should you obtain the secrets, you receive the vehicle.”

Mr Spalding stated older model cars were frequently specific because they were simpler to steal.

“Older cars aren’t fitted using the latest security technology that more recent cars have, so that as result they’re simpler targets,” he stated.

“For those who have a mature vehicle, we’d recommend you retrofit an immobiliser.”

Within the 12 several weeks to September (2015) total vehicle robberies elevated 2% to 40,731 across Australia. Motorcycle robberies were static (8194) and robberies of heavy automobiles decreased by 4% to 2609 automobiles. While short-term robberies, in which the vehicle is stolen and brought for any joyride after which either came back or burnt, elevated by 2% to 30,554, individuals automobiles stolen after which removed and offered-off to make money also elevated 2% this season to 10,177 automobiles.

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In NSW, profit-motivated robberies hit nearly 4000 automobiles, while Victoria maintained its lead in a nutshell-term robberies with almost 9000 automobiles stolen and brought for any pleasure ride.

Only Queensland and South Australia realized a drop. Queensland saw short-term robberies decrease but realized a rise in ‘underground community’ vehicle robberies, while South Australia realized a substantial stop by both short-term and profit-motivated vehicle robberies.

Ms Spalding stated among the best methods to stop your vehicle from being stolen ended up being to be wise about security.

“It might appear simple, but simply parking inside a safe well lit street or area could make all of the difference. Keep the vehicle secure, treat your secrets like cash and steer clear of departing belongings in sight.”