The Australian Government has transpired into law a brand new Australian Design Rule setting “strict” performance criteria for light passenger and commercial automobiles for side impact protection. This new ADR follows the introduction of an worldwide standard for side impact crashes and can enter into pressure in November 2017.

Minister for Major Projects Paul Fletcher signed off around the new ADR now.

“This ADR is dependant on Un Global Technical Regulation (GTR) 14, which sets strict performance criteria for light passenger (2017) and commercial automobiles (2018) in side impacts having a narrow object like a pole. However, it will likewise improve occupant protection in other part impacts, including vehicle- to-vehicle impacts,” Mr Fletcher stated.

“Side impacts take into account over 20% of Australian road deaths along with a disproportionately large number of brain injuries, which have a huge social cost. The brand new ADR is really a major road safety initiative targeted at addressing this problem by setting performance criteria that need effective safety precautions for example curtain side airbags, thorax airbags and crash sensors.


“It’s believed this measure helps you to save 128 lives and steer clear of 195 severe or moderate brain injuries over fifteen years, while supplying internet advantages to the city of $417 million.”

Mr Fletcher noted that Australia had brought the introduction of GTR 14—the very first time Australia has brought growth and development of an worldwide vehicle standard—due to the value of side impact crashes within the Australian road toll.

“GTR 14 may be the first vehicle standard on the planet that take advantage of the World Side Impact Dummy (WorldSID), probably the most advanced crash dummy available. WorldSID carefully imitates the behavior of the body, making certain the new ADR will provide real-world benefits,” Mr Fletcher stated.

“The brand new ADR—Pole Side Impact Performance—will commence for brand new model light passenger automobiles on 1 November 2017 as well as for new model light commercial automobiles on 1 This summer 2018.”

Mr Fletcher stated that although this timetable was in conjuction with the expected timetable for implementation of GTR 14 in other areas around the globe for example Japan and Europe, he thought Australia will be the first country to apply the conventional, reflecting the significance of the problem to Australia.

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“It’s pleasing our country has brought growth and development of a brand new standard that will save lives not just in Australia but all across the globe,” Mr Fletcher stated.

ANCAP Boss James Goodwin has welcomed the announcement from the new Design Rule. “This can be a welcome development which will lift vehicle safety standards and go a lengthy method to helping save 100s of lives,” ANCAP Boss Mr James Goodwin stated.

“Australia should are proud of its worldwide leadership to build up this global regulation that will improve occupant protection in side impact crashes for example striking a tree beside the street,” Mr Goodwin stated.