If you simply cannot start your car, you might easily get confused. There can be a multitude of causes leading to this problem, but sometimes it is only the fact that your car battery is drained. There are circumstances in which only a professional can tell what is wrong with your car. Nevertheless, before paying him a lot of money, you should try to figure out if the battery is the problem or not. Here is how to find out if your battery is drained or if there is something else preventing the functioning of your car.

Put the ignition key in the position that starts the accessories. On this position, the car battery is supposed to power only the devices in the car, such as the radio. If it does so, it means that it is probably not drained. If the accessories do not work, it is most likely that the car does not start because of the battery.

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Check if your headlights function or not. If they do not go on or if they are dimmer, then there is something wrong with the battery.

Try to start the car. It might be possible for the starter to try to go off, but the electrical system to cut out. If this happens, there is probably enough power in the battery for the devices to function, but not enough to start the car.

See if your car jump-starts. This means that you have to connect your car battery to another car battery with jumper cables while the other car is turned off. Once the batteries are connected, turn on the other car and try to start yours. If it starts, your battery is drained and it needs to be replaced.