If you want long lasting battery, ultra reliable and superior performance that are designed and manufactured in Australia to suit the climatic conditions then go for Century batteries. The standards in design and technology of the battery that make it have these qualities is set by the Ultra Hi Performance range. The high quality features are as a result of engineering advancements in the industry.

There is a full comprehensive warranty of up to 36 months given. This gives no room to faulty materials with very poor workmanship hence highly recommended.

You will not be worried about extreme and harsh weather conditions if you choose Century batteries. It is built and designed for this!

Century batteries reviews

Why should you purchase century at your local auto parts store from an authorized dealer?

  1. Simple swap in cases of warranty problems or issues.
  2. You do not need to wait for the careless courier officers who mishandle your consignment especially given that the battery is very heavy.
  3. You are in a position to check and confirm any physical damage. Telling that the unit has not been handled properly is very easy. Some retaining fingers around the vent cover may be subtle
  4. It is possible to check the battery voltage in the store before walking away with it.
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If you intend to move to a different place within the three years then do not lose your receipt. Century battery is a durable product which can be bought directly from a chain store.

It is important that you order directly from Century if you intend to buy these batteries online because you will have an opportunity of dealing with the manufacturer who will even give you a replacement battery. Remember it is only the authorized dealer who issues warranty.

I can never compare the Century battery with any battery it works great. My sound system that runs at 1700 rms does not even affect the volt charge. The only problems I have with the battery: The first one being bottom damages it had on arrival and lack warranty. I could have just spent additional $ 50 and got Century battery from O’relly. I would have enjoyed two years warranty.