Car batteries frequently go inert to trouble most car drivers. Sometimes when you are heading to meet important clients or have to pick the kids from school or you have to run to catch the flight, the car suddenly fails to budge. Of most other reasons, it is a good chance that car batteries have failed or are not charged enough.

There are various reasons of this problem:

  1. Drainage: It might be that you left something turned on while your car was off. Most probably you might have forgotten to turn off headlights, interior lights, air conditioner or radio while you turned off the car. Of all these, the most frequent is leaving the headlights on in the parking lot. Your batteries will exhaust in such situations. When you park the car, be sure you have turned off everything in the car to avoid the unpleasant scenario of failed battery.
  2. Alternator: The alternator works to charge your batteries while you drive the car. If there is some problem with the alternator, the battery is not charged according to the requirement and slowly exhausts itself from continuous use. You must get your alternator checked every once in a while to beat this problem.
  3. Temperature: Severe climatic conditions can also damage the battery completely. In case of severe high temperature when mercury buns more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the car batteries exhaust themselves because excessive heat takes more energy to run the car. Similarly, in extreme cold temperatures, the motor oil becomes very thick and restrains the battery to start engine properly. Cold temperatures also detract the chemical reactions required to start the engine.
  4. Old battery: Battery can live normally from four to six years. The battery slowly deteriorates with age as its inner plates get soaked up in sulfation. When this starts to happen, the battery cannot properly hold its charge and slowly loses all charge.
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In various instances, the car provides you clues of a deteriorating battery. Any such clues include the malfunction of keyless entry, the slow movement of power windows or headlights getting dimmer than normal.

Yet many a times, the engine does not give you can clues at all. It is wise to be careful and be prepared at such instances. You must keep a portable battery charger, jumper cables and contacts with auto shop.