With the revealed of their latest concept car, the 2012 Mini Clubvan Concept, MINI looks set to expand their wing into the commercial vehicle market. The 2012 Mini Clubvan Concept is planned to be revealed in the upcoming 2012 Geneva Motor Show. The 2012 Mini Clubvan Concept design is based on the existing MINI Clubman, the concept removes the rear seats, installs a wire mesh partition behind the driver and passenger and then blacks out the rear windows to create a small-but-functional delivery van.

2012 Mini Clubvan Concept-frontside angle-view
MINI describes the 2012 Mini Clubvan Concept as a compact lifestyle van for leisure or business, and we can certainly imagine small scale delivery services such as pizza businesses using the cute vehicles as a promotional or delivery car. The 2012 Mini Clubvan Concept is far from some of the previous MINI concepts we have seen lately, despite still being in its concept guise while the Rocketman design comes to mind when see this new concept car.

2012 Mini Clubvan Concept-rearside angle-view
In this case, the 2012 Mini Clubvan Concept design doesn’t look a whole lot like a prototype but an actual production model. The design of the 2012 Mini Clubvan Concept won’t blow you away, although there are some elements of it that bears attention, including the addition of a partition grille that separates the front passengers from the enormous cargo area.

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The unmistakable MINI styling is all in the 2012 Mini Clubvan Concept, complete with bug-eyed front profile, but there’s something about the design of the new concept that speaks more to practicality more than style. Inside, the 2012 Mini Clubvan Concept interior only has two seats, which might defeat the purpose of it being considered a minivan. While MINI keep their mouth zipped about which engine will be used in the 2012 Mini Clubvan Concept, the current Clubman comes in 121 horsepower for the Base, 181 horsepower for Cooper S and 208 horsepower for the John Cooper Works variants.

2012 Mini Clubvan Concept-interior-design
We assume that MINI will use some sort of variation of the 1.6-liter turbocharged engine – one that produces 181 horsepower – for the 2012 Mini Clubvan Concept engine. Meanwhile, the 2012 Mini Clubvan Concept is scheduled to make its world debut at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show next month, at which point we will have more details to share regarding this rather peculiar looking MINI concept.

Mini Cars Clubvan World Premiere Geneva Motor Show 2012 News

Competitors 2012 Mini Clubvan Concept

We have a difficulty to know what kind of market MINI is targeting with the 2012 Mini Clubvan Concept; obviously, the idea of a two-seater MINI van won’t sit well with a lot of folks looking to buy a family car. However, we do know that the 2012 Mini Clubvan Concept design is designed to compete against other compact vans, such as the Ford Transit Connect and Fiat Doblo.

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2012 Mini Clubvan Concept-cargo space-design
MINI will be using the 2012 Mini Clubvan Concept debut in Geneva to gauge public interest in the vehicle, and if the production green light is given then we wouldn’t be surprised if an all-electric version is launched further down the track to lure small businesses looking to curb ever-increasing gas bills. The 2012 Mini Clubvan Concept design adds a touch of prestige to the segment as well as MINI’s trademark sporty handling. The 2012 Mini Clubvan Concept offers a flat load area and has the benefit of being attention-grabbing cute, too.

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