Mercedes-Benz has again blackened a model’s name but not its reputation after unveiling its fastest C-Class yet; the Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series which was unveiled during the recent Formula One German Grand Prix weekend, with a 380kW V8 confirming it as the most powerful in Mercedes’ volume-selling range. Meanwhile the Mercedes C63 AMG itself is the most potent version of the German automaker’s C-Class sedan. In typical AMG fashion, the Mercedes C63 AMG features large performance-oriented tires and wheels, an aggressive body kit, a much sportier interior, and suspension and chassis improvements compared with the normal C-Class sedan.

Mostly the Mercedes C63 AMG coupe is not a hooligan; however, it just demolishes a road. No pictures can do the sheer aggressiveness of the Mercedes C63 AMG justice; the shoulder less M3 would wilt in its shadow and even the squat RS4 would appear slightly soft-edged parked alongside. The Mercedes C63 AMG front track has been increased by 35mm and the rear 12mm over the standard C-class and the front suspension is a completely new three-link design.

The Mercedes C63 AMG front, which hides two new oil-coolers for engine and transmission, is deep, slightly pointed and chunky. The two ‘Power Domes’ on the Mercedes C63 AMG bonnet are more ‘Power Ridges’ but they have a much greater visual impact than you’d credit; the 6.3 badging as you walk around the side is nice. You can have 19″ wheels for your Mercedes C63 AMG but the standard 18s with their deep runnel in each of the five spokes are some of the best.

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Inside, the Mercedes C63 AMG features the wide range of standard sybaritic comforts one would expect at its price point There’s nothing like the Mercedes C63 AMG coupe in this sector. That’s one mother of an engine shoehorned into the Mercedes C63 AMG engine bay; 6208cc of V8 with 457bhp and enough torque to pull down cities. You better be in something substantial to beat it in the speed stakes too.

A seven-speed automatic transmission dubbed the SPEEDSHIFT MCT utilizes a wet clutch pack in place of a traditional torque converter; the result is gear changes that can occur in just one tenth of a second in the Mercedes C63 AMG transmission’s sportiest shift mode. The Mercedes C63 AMG transmission features smooth rev-matching during downshifts and has a launch mode for stoplight racing.

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Review

Competitors Mercedes C63 AMG

The new 2012 Mercedes C63 AMG has a lot to recommend it. The 2012 Mercedes C63 AMG maximum load capacity is a class-leading 1500 litres while the 3.5-litre V6 is an impressively smooth engine. The Mercedes C63 AMG handling is engaging; there are even coat-hooks on the tailgate.  The 2012 Mercedes C63 AMG is an extreme prejudice answer to BMW’s M3 that leaves all-comers in its substantial wake; you get out of this 456bhp RWD monster with sweaty palms and a stupid grin on your face, but it’s a bit hardcore for everyday use.

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The 2012 Mercedes C63 AMG delivers a whopping 451 horsepower in standard form, putting it comfortably ahead of the BMW M3. With that amount of performance on tap, and the Mercedes C63 AMG price which could match the M3, Mercedes looks to steal at least a few sales away from its cross-country rival.


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