Interstate Batteries: An Overview

Interstate Battery System of America, Inc. (Interstate Batteries) is a prominent battery distribution and marketing company based in the United States. It was founded in 1950 as a small distributor in the Dallas area.

The company offers a wide range of batteries sourced from various manufacturers. Their product lineup includes batteries for cars, trucks, marine vessels, recreational vehicles (RVs), motorcycles, lawnmowers, and emergency lighting systems.

While Interstate Batteries primarily serves the American market, it also distributes its products in several other countries, including Bermuda, Bolivia, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Costa Rica, and Panama.

In addition to its role in the battery industry, Interstate Batteries has a strong presence in motorsports and sponsors NASCAR drivers and racing teams. The company’s involvement in racing dates back to the 1990s, contributing to the brand’s reputation and visibility.

Interstate Batteries collaborates with multiple manufacturers and suppliers for their product range, which includes partnerships with companies such as Brookfield Business Partners, Clarios, Exide Technologies, and Johnson Controls. Additionally, Interstate Batteries works with smaller companies to ensure widespread accessibility to their products.

Interstate Batteries Manufacturing Partners

Interstate Batteries collaborates with multiple manufacturers across the United States, as well as one in Mexico. While it may appear unusual for a company to work with several suppliers, this approach ultimately benefits the customers by providing cost savings. The primary manufacturing partners for Interstate Batteries include:

  1. Brookfield Business Partners
  2. Clarios
  3. Exide Technologies
  4. Johnson Controls

In addition to these significant suppliers, Interstate Batteries also relies on independent distributors within the United States. Despite working with multiple manufacturers, Interstate Batteries maintains consistent quality by enforcing stringent construction and material standards across all suppliers. This ensures that customers receive reliable and high-quality batteries.

Interstate Batteries Manufacturing Locations

The manufacturing location of a product is often a significant consideration for vehicle owners. Some individuals prefer to support companies that produce their goods domestically, contributing to local job creation and economic growth. Others simply have more trust in products made in the United States. So, where are Interstate Batteries manufactured?

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Are Interstate Batteries Made in China? Unlike many of its competitors, Interstate Batteries are not manufactured in China. While batteries manufactured in China often come at a lower price point, Interstate Batteries prioritize quality and value.

Are Interstate Batteries Made in the USA? Yes, Interstate Batteries takes pride in manufacturing approximately 98% of its products in the United States. This commitment to domestic manufacturing supports American jobs and exemplifies the brand’s dedication to quality. Only 2% of their batteries are produced in Monterrey, Mexico, where one of their manufacturing partners is located. Furthermore, the company’s headquarters are situated in Dallas, Texas, further emphasizing its American roots.

Is Interstate Batteries a Publicly Traded Company?

No, Interstate Battery System of America, Inc. is a privately owned company, which means it is not publicly traded, and you cannot purchase stock in the company.

Who Owns Interstate Batteries?

In 2013, Scott Miller, the son of Norm Miller, assumed the role of President and CEO of Interstate Batteries, making him a significant owner of the company. John Searcy founded the company in 1952, initially serving Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. In 1978, Searcy stepped down, and Norm Miller became the President and Chairman of the Board. Norm Miller passed on the leadership to his son, Scott, after approximately 35 years, but he continues to serve as the Chairman of the Board.

Are Interstate Batteries Good?

Interstate Batteries generally receive positive feedback from customers who are highly satisfied with their purchases. These batteries are known for their durability, long lifespan, and use of premium materials, ensuring reliable performance. Here are some reasons why customers appreciate Interstate Batteries:

Quality Construction: Interstate Batteries are renowned for their commitment to quality and reliable construction. They feature sturdy designs with thick casings, providing protection against damage. The brand emphasizes using high-quality materials without compromising on construction.

Low Maintenance: Many Interstate Batteries are sealed, eliminating the need for regular maintenance or water addition. These batteries are also compact, making them easier to handle and fit in vehicles compared to competitors.

Affordability: Despite their superior quality and construction, Interstate Batteries remain competitively priced. Their prices are similar to lower-quality alternatives, allowing customers to obtain a high-performance battery at a reasonable cost.

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Accessibility: Unlike some competitors that limit their sales to specific regions, Interstate Batteries has multiple suppliers across the United States. This broad distribution network enables the brand to offer its batteries nationwide without significantly increasing prices due to transportation costs.

Versatility: Interstate Batteries are highly versatile, catering to a wide range of applications. They offer various battery options for different purposes, including marine, lawnmower, and medical facility batteries. This diverse product lineup has contributed to the brand’s large customer base.

Interstate Batteries Complaints

While the overall satisfaction with Interstate Batteries is high, there are some common complaints regarding the warranty and customer service. The battery warranty provided by Interstate Batteries is often perceived as shorter compared to other brands, resulting in customers having to bear the cost of a new battery when replacements are needed.

Additionally, there have been occasional reports of less satisfactory customer service experiences, including long wait times on the phone and difficulties in finding satisfactory solutions.

Interstate Batteries Pricing

Interstate Batteries offers a wide range of battery options, catering to various applications such as commercial, automotive, marine, RV, powersports, lawn and garden, golf carts, and mobile devices. Here are the approximate price ranges for some of Interstate Batteries’ popular battery categories:

Car and Truck Batteries: $100 to $250 Marine Batteries: $100 to $300 RV Batteries: $100 to $300 Commercial and Heavy-Duty Batteries: $150 to $700 Powersports Batteries: $80 to $225 Lawn and Garden Batteries: $60 to $120 Golf Cart Batteries: $150 to $300 Mobile Device Batteries: $25 to $100

Where Can You Buy Interstate Batteries in the US?

Interstate Batteries can be purchased from various physical locations and online retailers. Here are some common places where you can find Interstate Batteries:

Interstate Batteries (official website and authorized dealers) Amazon McGuckin Hardware AP Electric Sears Mercari Electronic Toolbox Cabela’s Grease Monkey

Additionally, many small hardware stores, auto stores, and mechanics may also carry Interstate Batteries.