Ford Mustang EcoBoost Fastback

Once the Ford Mustang initially launch in 1964, it had been named a ‘pony’ vehicle and grew to become a sales (and cultural) sensation by providing accessible, affordable performance covered with a muscular but attractive design.

But may be the pony vehicle ethos maintained in present day sixth-generation Mustang? After driving the entry-level Ford Mustang EcoBoost Fastback auto, listed at $48,490 and handle in ‘Triple Yellow’, I reckon it will.

After popping the lengthy driver’s door and sliding easily in to the leather sports chair, Personally i think instantly comfortable but supported. The reduced-thrown vehicle means you sit near to the road, adding a feeling of drama to proceedings. Along with the seat’s lateral bolsters gripping my torso safely along with a lengthy bonnet before me, it seamless comfort.

The instrument panel keeps towards the Mustang’s roots (read: it ain’t fancy) with deep-set dials and also the words ‘ground speed’ over the speedometer. The SYNC infotainment product is excellent and also the large 8.-inch touch-screen is large and readable.

Oh, and all sorts of models come standard with lots of comfort toys, from dual-zone automatic climate-control to remote keyless entry as well as heated and cooled seats! Show offs are likely to love this vehicle.

Fit and finished seems generally good through the cabin although the standard from the plastics since the transmission tunnel and glovebox would be best referred to as robust – and worst referred to as cheap.

A quartet of silver toggle switches controlling vehicle functions look wonderful but feel flimsy and it’ll be interesting to find out if they stand the ages. Adjusting the environment vents does not lead to tactile bliss either.

Thumbing the starter button, the ‘Stang comes alive with little fanfare so naturally I be prepared to be deflated through the 2.3-litre turbo-gas four-cylinder hiding underneath the bonnet.

It may be sacrilege to tradition Mustang proprietors, however the four-banger’s 233kW and 432Nm results records grunt and decent throttle response within this large coupe.

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When the 306kW V8-powered Mustang GT, which just about nine from 10 Aussie purchasers have elected for so far, is really a heavyweight boxer then your EcoBoost turbo four-pot is really a middleweight champion but still likes a little of biffo.

Ford reckons it’ll move from -100km/h in five.8 seconds, that is a second reduced compared to V8, but my stomach informs me it’s much more of a mid-six vehicle. We’ll test drive it individually right after its official launch within The month of january 2016, so stay updated.

Possibly its best attribute is thesound – it’s remarkably sonorous with a little lumpiness… but could it be real?

Certainly one of Ford’s technical staff was adamant the gravellyengine seem isn’t digitally produced, despite several reviews in the US that suggest it’s. Our source maintained the Mustang utilizes a pipe that channels powertrain noise ‘passively’ in the engine bay in to the cabin. My take? It may sound synthesised.

It had been hard to look at the six-speed automatic within this short test, however the fact it did not offend or perhaps attract attention might be seen as an positive thing.

All Mustang models offered around australia are fitted standard using the Performance Pack, which adds 19-inch alloy wheels and much more firmly-updated suspension via ‘heavy duty’ front springs along with a K brace.

Fastback models will also get a beefier rear sway bar, which clearly does its job since the vehicle sits flat through corners – real flat – and also the rear-drive coupe begs to become pressed hard.

Fitted with 255/40 R19 tyres, there’s lots of grip and tipping the Mustang into corners is definitely an exercise in satisfaction, because of well-sorted electric energy steering that gives an authentic link between vehicle and driver.

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Indeed, likely to eagerness relating to this animal that’s endearing, it feels alive and passionate.

‘Don’t review 80km/h,’ informed the Ford staffers, ‘and no hooning’. Killjoys…

When I touch 120km/h punching from a lengthy sweeping bend in the showing ground (I had been watching the street not the speedo – honest, Ford), I am looking towards this car’s potential and imagining it at full tilt on the bigger (unrestricted) racetrack. And possibly with increased boost…

This aluminium engine is distributed to the greater effective 257kW Ford Focus RS indicates the new powerplant’s twin independent variable camshaft timing and twin-scroll turbo would happily accept a little of tinkering.

I can not discuss the brakes (352mm front, 330mm rear) since i did not drill them particularly hard and ride comfort is tough to gauge on the smooth private road. But when this short test informs me anything, it’s that right-hands drive Australian Mustangs are very well sorted and shaping as much as become more fun than an grown ups-only session at Wet’n’Wild.

It mightn’t surprise you to definitely hear the rear seats really are a joke with nary enough room for any bag or two, not to mention a complete-size human, however when you are relaxing in the driver’s chair you most likely will not care.

Individuals who’ve pre-purchased their Mustang have lots to become looking forward to. The relaxation of you’ll have to hold back until 2017, however the wait is definitely worth it. In either case, I reckon the novelty can last for many years.

But when you cannot wait that lengthy as well as your Ford dealer states you’ll have a four-cylinder turbo Mustang in three several weeks, you would be mad to not think about the deal.

When the entry-level Mustang is that this good, we are beside ourselves awaiting a supercharged 500kW Mustang having a six-speed manual.