The Exide Edge AGM H6 is a high-performance car battery designed for use in a variety of vehicles. In this article, we’ll review this model and discuss its features and specifications.

Absorbed Glass Mat Technology: The Exide Edge AGM H6 uses Absorbed Glass Mat technology, which delivers consistent performance, extends battery life, and prevents corrosion. This technology makes the Exide Edge AGM H6 a durable and long-lasting battery choice.

Powerful Starting Power: The Exide Edge AGM H6 provides ample starting power, ensuring a quick and efficient engine start even in challenging conditions. With its high output, you can trust this battery to provide reliable starting power.

Maintenance-Free Design: The Exide Edge AGM H6 is designed to be maintenance-free, so you won’t have to worry about checking or adding water to the battery. This design provides added convenience for car owners.

Built to Last: This battery is built to withstand rough conditions and is resistant to shock, vibration, and corrosion. The Exide Edge AGM H6 is built to last for many years, providing peace of mind for car owners.

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Easy Installation: The compact design of the Exide Edge AGM H6 makes it easy to install in various vehicles. Whether you’re a professional mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, you’ll find the installation process simple and straightforward.

Technical Specifications:

Voltage: 12V Cold Cranking Amps (CCA): 620 Reserve Capacity (RC): 95 minutes Dimensions: L = 7.68 in, W = 6.8 in, H = 7.13 in Weight: 29.1 lbs

These specifications indicate that the Exide Edge AGM H6 is a high-powered battery with a substantial reserve capacity. Its AGM technology and durable construction make it suitable for use in various vehicles, and its maintenance-free design provides added convenience.

It’s important to note that the specifications listed above may vary based on your location. It’s always best to check with the manufacturer or a local Exide dealer for the most accurate information.

The Exide Edge AGM H6 is a premium car battery that offers reliable starting power, consistent performance, and durability. With its advanced AGM technology, maintenance-free design, and durable construction, the Exide Edge AGM H6 is a top choice for car owners who want the best for their vehicles.

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