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Repairing a Vehicle Battery Terminal Clamp In Easy 6 Steps

The battery terminal clamps connect the battery to your vehicle to provide adequate electricity.  The corrosion build-up can prevent the current from passing in the car.  This can cause major problems for you and your vehicle.  You may experience a vehicle that will not start so it is important to know how to clean the […]

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How to Replace a Car Battery Cable

The car battery is the first to blame when you cannot start the engine. It is very important to check the battery’s condition regularly in order to be sure there is nothing wrong. The cables are usually caused problems and it is necessary to replace them in order to have a quality connection to your […]

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How to Replace a Car Battery without Losing Memory

Replacing the car battery may lead to the loss of your car’s settings. Everything of most modern cars depends on computers. They could be from the stereo to the transmission. As far as older car models are concerned, this used to be a simple process: it only involved taking the old battery out and installing […]

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How to Restore Car Battery Acid

Restoring your car battery acid is not as complicated as it may sound. If you check your battery’s condition and decide it is necessary to restore the acid that somehow got lost, do not be afraid, you do not need a chemistry diploma. The instructions are clear and everyone can follow them easily. First, be […]

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How to Troubleshoot a Car Battery Drain

Having a dead battery is frustrating. It is even more frustrating if the battery is consistently drained. The main cause of consistent battery drain is a malfunctioning system. While it may be difficult to identify the specific system or device that is bringing about battery drain, the best thing to do is to troubleshoot the […]

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How to Unhook a Car Battery

At some point, you will have to unhook your car’s battery. For Whatever reason you would want to unhook the battery, you must ensure that you unhook the battery the proper way. To ensure that you unhook the battery the safer way, you need to follow the following steps: 1. To remove the side terminals, […]

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How to Use a Manual Car Battery Charger

The alternator is responsible for ensuring that the battery is always charged. Unfortunately, as the battery ages, its ability to retain a charge diminishes. Therefore, if you do not start your car for several days, you may find that your car’s battery is too weak to start the engine. To solve this problem, the best […]

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How to Wire a Second Car Battery

There are mainly two methods to wire a second car battery. These two methods include the parallel method and the series method. Parallel method This method maintains the endurance of the battery but will double the battery’s voltage. To wire the second car battery using the parallel method, this is how you go about it. […]

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How to Determine Correct Car Battery Size

Due to old age or any other reason, at some point you will need to purchase a new battery for your car. When buying a new battery, you should consider the following four factors. Age of the battery Batteries get old even when they are lying in the store unused. To be on the safe […]

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Car Batteries Die During Winter

It is common for the batteries to die during the winter. With a battery that constantly dies during these cold months, here are the reasons why they die. Cooling effect This is the most common reason why most batteries die in the cold months. According to the battery council international, the cooling effect greatly reduces […]

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