Alfa Romeo 156

This season, Shed takes his wife off for any lovely New Year’s break towards the south of France. Magaluf, more specifically, which so far as Shed is worried, is really a lean towards the south of France. Lots of spotty Britons continue holiday in the room, however that causes it to be nice cheap. Only reason behind mentioning all of this is the fact that, for under the cost of two bucket shop tickets to Majorca, he might have bought this slice of Italian automotive artistry rather, and therefore were built with a rather better time compared to time he’s now fearing. Sorry, searching toward.

Yes, you will find many Alfa 156s around the used vehicle market. A number of them are less expensive than that one. But very couple of of these will include a 1-year MOT and never have ‘spares or repairs’ hidden somewhere within the ad.

The gimlet-eyed among you’ll have observed what that one comes with hidden in the ad, namely the saying ‘Cat D’. There’s lots of punter uncertainty about broken and fixed cars. Because of this general lack of knowledge, Shed has snared many a motoring bargain oft upon the rialto.

Though once again to assist his turnover or his well-gained status like a hard guy, underneath his gruff exterior Shed is really a generous kind of cove and it is therefore pleased to divulge the reality regarding ‘Cat’ cars. Below continues to be ratified with a large insurance cheese mate of his.

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Cat B and Cat A cars should not come back back on the highway. Just the salvageable parts from the Cat B write-off may be used in other roadgoing automobiles.

So far as Cat D and Cat C cars go, as lengthy because the vehicle has already established an MOT and/or engineer’s report and also the insured party has completed any works they needed to do to obtain the vehicle legally back on the highway, you’ve got no problem. From an insurance coverage rating perspective, neither of those groups should make a difference towards the premium in order to your motoring enjoyment.

In a nutshell, you’ve got nothing to fear but fear itself. Well, might the status of Alfa 156s obviously. Which, a little such as the Cat factor, is again somewhat altered by myth and legend.

Everyone knows that Italian cars rust as well as their electrics aren’t effective. Measuring only half true using the 156. The electrics could be a discomfort, but rust is not a significant headache. Trim bits are available loose and dangle about, and front tyres put on prematurely inside shoulders due to unusual steering geometry. A knocking noise on bumpy streets might mean a brand new steering rack.


Around the eco-friendly side from the sheet though a correctly setup 156 steers just like a champion. This can be a sweet-handling but still sharp-searching saloon created by folk whose refusal to provide a twopenny damn concerning the pettifogging needs of numberplate positioning professionals led to a superbly distinctive front-finish look. Some the 2003 facelift was a noticable difference, but that is dependent on opinion.

The Fir.8 Twin Spark engine is really a free-revving honey. You need to keep close track of the timing belt however. 35-40K may be the alternative interval: skip that (and regular oil changes) at the peril. The positive thing with all of this kind of stuff is the fact that Shed-age cars don’t have to have no choice but kicking and screaming into horrid Alfa shops.

Of course, the 156 may not show up on Shed’s top listing of Armageddon cars (a listing he’s now upgrading weekly instead of monthly), but nor would he turn his nose up at one when the cost was right. Which, at £595, it’s.

Actually, that one is better still value than you may think because, based on the ad, it’s MOT’d for the following 18,201 years. That plus you receive two lovely paper mats suggesting where to place your ft.