Manufacturer of Crown Batteries

Battery Wholesale Inc. is the primary manufacturer and distributor of Crown batteries, with production facilities located in Asheboro, North Carolina. In some Asian markets, Crown and Energizer are marketed as distinct brands, but Crown Gold Alkaline batteries and Energizer Alkaline batteries are available on store shelves.

These brands cater to different market segments, with Eveready batteries marketed towards lower-end devices and priced accordingly, while Crown batteries are aimed at power-hungry devices and priced accordingly. Wholesale Battery Company Inc, located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, operates in the Motor Vehicle and Motor Vehicle Parts and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers industry, employing 15 people across its locations and earning $4.13 million in revenue (USD).

About The Manufacturer

In order to stay competitive in the market, Battery Wholesale Inc. has implemented numerous changes over the years, including the opening of retail stores and the adoption of new technologies such as lead-acid, sealed, AGM, lithium, and others.

The company was originally founded in New York in 1890 and later renamed in 1905, with manufacturing facilities now located across the globe in the United States, China, and other locations. In 1914, the National Carbon Company acquired the EBL Company, which was the predecessor to Battery Wholesale Inc.

By joining some of the largest battery buying groups in the United States, BWI has been able to procure various products at competitive prices, allowing them to maintain a competitive edge in the market. This has allowed them to purchase products at a similar price level to major retail stores.

Enhancing EBL Battery Production: BWI’s Strategies and Plans

Battery Wholesale Inc.’s establishment of Outlet stores has boosted its competitiveness in the end-user market, with notable progress made in attracting new customers such as schools, city garages, and small businesses in the surrounding area.

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As a result of the expansion of its retail stores, the wholesale division’s footprint and service have also grown, with wholesale customers able to purchase products from retail stores and still receive wholesale pricing.

Furthermore, BWI has established itself as a prominent recycler of scrap batteries in the region, having recycled 3.1 million pounds of batteries in 2011. The company collects batteries throughout the state and ensures they are processed in compliance with US EPA regulations at a US smelter.

The company aims to continue expanding its retail store locations and wholesale operations moving forward.

Locally Made: Crown Batteries and their Production in the USA

Crown Battery’s decision to move their operations overseas can have a significant impact not only on families who depend on those jobs but also on the community as a whole. However, Crown Battery has been actively creating jobs in the United States for more than a decade, and they take pride in manufacturing all their lead batteries in Fremont, OH, USA.

Their success in maintaining high quality is attributed to their well-educated and hardworking local workforce. Additionally, their focus on “shopping local” has a positive impact on the local economy.

Product Range of Crown Batteries: Types of Batteries Offered

Crown Batteries offers a diverse range of battery collections, including:

  • Specimen Batteries: Battery Wholesale locations in Minnesota have a vast inventory of batteries available, ranging from automobile batteries to watch batteries.
  • Typical Household Batteries: You can purchase household batteries at any of their Minnesota stores for a lower price than big box stores.
  • Cordless Phone Batteries: Crown’s Bemidji and Willmar locations offer the best selection of cordless phone batteries, ensuring you can keep talking without interruption.
  • Watch Batteries: Battery Wholesale Inc. has an extensive selection of watch batteries and provides replacement services for most watch batteries.
  • Camera Batteries: Crown strives to keep a limited stock of camera batteries on hand. However, as they can be expensive and numerous, they can be ordered if they are not in stock.
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Should you consider buying crown batteries?

Considering the benefits of manufacturing in Fremont, Crown has been able to improve the quality and consistency of their batteries over the last 11 years. Surprisingly, the cost differential for Ohio-based manufacturing has been smaller than expected.

Crown’s commitment to quality control is demonstrated by closely monitoring and constantly improving battery quality at their Fremont, OH plant. With their quality and engineering teams housed within the plant, they can collaborate with manufacturing to ensure that batteries meet exacting specifications.

Economies of scale are achieved for advanced quality control tools, ranging from aerospace vision systems to automated voltage testers, which work in tandem with trained on-site technicians to provide customers with reliable, long-lasting batteries.

Crown’s customer service team and on-site engineers provide direct technical support to customers, making it easier and faster to get assistance.

Centralizing key business functions, including engineering, manufacturing, sales, and customer service, under one roof allows for better departmental collaboration and faster improvements. Shipping costs are also reduced and efficiency is increased.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is Crown a recommended golf cart battery?

While Crown batteries are not as powerful as Trojan batteries, they provide a reliable charge that seldom depletes.

What is the lifespan of Crown batteries?

Crown batteries have an estimated cycle life of 1200 cycles at a depth of discharge of 50%.

Are Crown batteries considered high-quality?

Absolutely, when it comes to dependability and endurance.

Who is the manufacturer of Crown batteries?

Crown batteries are manufactured by Battery Wholesale Inc.