Does AutoZone Accept Used Batteries?

Absolutely! AutoZone gladly accepts old batteries, and the process is convenient and straightforward.

Do They Accept Old Batteries for Free?

Yes, AutoZone accepts old batteries without any additional charges.

You can bring in multiple old batteries at once, following the guidelines of your local AutoZone store to ensure safe disposal.

Do You Get Money for Your Old Battery at AutoZone?

Yes! When you take your old batteries to AutoZone, you will receive a $10 gift card for each battery you drop off.

While there may be some debate on whether a gift card qualifies as receiving money for your battery, it’s still a valuable bonus that can be used towards purchasing new batteries, parts, or accessories.

What Is the Process for Taking Old Batteries to AutoZone?

Removing a car battery and bringing it to AutoZone is a simple process. Here are the general steps:

  1. Prioritize safety: Wear gloves and eye protection to shield yourself from battery acid.
  2. Disconnect the battery: Remove the negative cable first, followed by the positive cables, using a wrench. Ensure the tool does not contact both terminals simultaneously.
  3. Release battery hold-downs: Unscrew any hold-downs, such as straps or plastic blocks, securing the battery in place. Remove any additional safety features as required.
  4. Inspect the battery: Check for any cracks, leaks, or damage that may pose a safety risk.
  5. Visit AutoZone: Bring your old battery to an AutoZone store and consult with one of their experts to complete the battery drop-off process.

If you’re not comfortable removing the battery yourself, you can visit an AutoZone Preferred Auto Shop for assistance, or many AutoZone locations offer free battery removal services.

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What Types of Old Batteries Do They Accept?

AutoZone accepts various types of old batteries, including:

  • Car and passenger vehicle batteries
  • Marine batteries
  • Power sport batteries
  • Small equipment batteries

For specific battery types you wish to dispose of, you can check AutoZone’s website or contact your local store to confirm acceptance.

What Does AutoZone Do with Old Batteries?

When you bring an old battery to AutoZone, the store follows proper procedures for recycling hazardous waste.

AutoZone Battery Recycling Process: Due to the potential hazards associated with car batteries, such as lead, sulfuric acid, and plastics, AutoZone employs a specialized recycling process. Here’s what happens to the different components:

Plastic: The plastic parts of the battery are thoroughly washed, dried, and then processed in an extruder. This process transforms the plastic into pellets, which battery manufacturers can use to create new battery cases.

Lead: The lead components of the battery undergo cleaning and are melted in a smelting furnace. The molten lead is then poured into molds to create ingots of various sizes. These ingots are further purified to remove impurities. Once cooled, the lead is sent to battery manufacturers, where it can be remelted and shaped into new battery components.

Sulfuric Acid: The sulfuric acid in the battery is managed through different methods. One approach involves neutralizing the acid by mixing it with a substance similar to baking soda, which converts it into water. This water is treated, tested, and then released into the public sewer system. Alternatively, some facilities utilize a process that converts the acid into sodium sulfate, a white powder commonly used in various industries. Additionally, there are innovative recycling methods that allow the acid to be reclaimed and reused for new batteries.

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Other Options for Disposing of Old Batteries:

If AutoZone is not easily accessible in your area, there are alternative options for disposing of old batteries. Common places that often accept old batteries include:

  • Auto salvage yards
  • Metal recycling plants
  • Auto repair shops
  • Other auto parts stores

Who Pays the Most for Old Car Batteries?

Auto parts stores like AutoZone are among the better options if you wish to receive compensation for your old battery. Payment amounts can vary depending on the location, but most stores offer prices ranging from approximately $8 to $12 per dead battery.

Where Can You Dispose of Your Car Battery for Free?

If you prefer to dispose of your car battery without any cost, there are several places to consider. Look for recycling centers, auto parts stores, and mechanics in your local area who may be willing to accept the battery free of charge.

What Else Can You Do with Old Car Batteries?

If you don’t intend to trade in your old battery immediately, it is advisable to store it in a safe location. Choose a cool, dry area with proper ventilation. The ideal temperature range for storage is between 32ºF and 80ºF (0ºC and 27ºC).