Begins my 6-cylinder engine effortlessly, year-round. Under half the dimensions & weight of my OEM battery. Hopefully will not leak, like my OEM battery did!

The lengthy shelf-existence means you need to have the ability to buy this a little prior to whenever you think you will need it (If only I’d).

The maker also sells a variety of mounting add-ons, BTW.

—- Update —-

After nearly three years and services information, I am changing this having a bigger model. I’d some slow begins, last winter, also it works out this battery is really a couple dimensions more compact compared to battery manufacturer suggests in my vehicle. Journey includes a PDF online which lists their strategies for different makes, models, and many years of automobiles.

I ought to observe that I additionally left it disconnected for five several weeks, this past year. Towards the battery’s credit, my vehicle still began once i reconnected it. Normal batteries could be dead after 2-3 days, however these batteries can definitely hold electric power charge! Observe that departing them disconnected for such lengthy amounts of time does have a tendency to shorten their existence, somewhat.

Why can you choose this battery (or this kind of battery)?

1) You’ll need a battery rich in specific output in accordance with its size (only a little space obtainable in a custom installation).

2) You’ll need a battery that may be situated inside a compartment with low ventilation.

3) You’ll need a battery that may be mounted in almost any orientation – and can not leak (a custom application that will otherwise stop using a wet or gel cell).

Apart from of these conditions – is that this battery well worth the cost? For a daily OEM alternative – No. Application is essential. Here’s my specific application and knowledge about this battery:

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I possess a Honda S2000, and that i was intending to relocate my battery towards the chubby tummy location within the trunk. This moving needs a battery which will never leak and doesn’t require ventilation. This really is exactly the versatility the Journey type of ‘dry cell’ batteries can offer. I haven’t completed installing battery for the reason that location by yet because of the untimely failure from the OEM style battery, and also the fact I desired a functional battery immediately. The above mentioned pointed out custom install will require time I didn’t have, which required while using 925 in basically the OEM battery location. However, because of the very fact the 925 was different shape and size because the OEM battery (5′ wide, 9′ tall, 8.75′ lengthy for OEM versus 6.8′ wide x 5.1′ tall and seven.2′ lengthy). The bottom of the OEM battery (and tray) is narrow and lengthy and also the battery is tall. The PC925 in comparison has almost a square footprint and it has a minimal profile (a bit more than half as tall because the OEM Group 51). I custom installed a in a commercial sense available billet mount (from West Coast Battery) and tried on the extender to exchange the OEM battery tray.

I would buy this, until I discovered it will not fit my Honda Element without lots of trouble. I’d need to use it its back, transform it 180°, and tear apart/reconfigure my car’s battery holder to be able to securely cradle this delicate genius of the battery. OK… IOW, it does not fit my vehicle. I am not going to undergo everything hullabaloo to be able to essentially reward Journey for ongoing not to create a battery that matches my vehicle.

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The Bosch S6 was my second choice. It had been Sold-out. There wasn’t even an believed date of if this would available again. Meaning it may be several weeks for those I understand, or never.

And So I opted for the Exide. Seems like an excellent battery, and the other Element owner has mentioned here it fits his vehicle. I anticipate its arrival, and I’m going to be pleased to evaluate it.

Update: the Exide is a superb battery, and I am very pleased with it.

Alternative for: 2005 Subaru STI

– Begins as an OEM battery (no issues/struggle)

– Vehicle is outfitted with aftermarket stereo system components (500 rms watt monoblock & 400 rms watt 4-funnel amps)

– Test: Went outdoors within the 25* temperature, switched on the HID car headlights, using the stereo system and heater on, and also the vehicle cranked up all right!

– 10lbs reduced in the engine bay (~26.5lbs versus oem’s 36.5lb battery)

– Hopefully, the 380 CCA is going to be ‘strong’ enough for that cooler temps, particularly if the vehicle continues to be sitting for couple of days.

Added this battery within my 2013 ranger 900 xp Like a second battery together with my stock. Works good to date. Needed to mount it on its side. Therefore it would fit.

Great product great cost and repair. Happy with my first amazon . com purchase.

Works excellent. Extremely pleased using the service and product.