My D51R went bad carrying out a month. Optima states visit that you simply got it from. I mentioned Amazon, they mentioned ‘oh no.’ Optima will not recognition the 36 Month Warranty and Amazon . com . com mentioned I’m stuck since i have can’t ship it back -it’s hazardous material which is beyond the thirty day refund guarantee. ‘We are true sorry, there’s however nothing we could do.’ Therefore if you are considering purchasing battery energy from Amazon . com . com — you will be stuck — without any remedy. Join the suckers club with me at night.

All the reviews that say their battery not successful, and Amazon . com . com wouldn’t recognition the warranty, are dead wrong. Amazon . com . com sent us a alternative battery free of charge, and described to keep my old battery and dump it. If you attempt and carry out the return with the website it will not enable you, because they are not likely to accept the return in the old battery for safety concerns, however when you consult with the large Items Customer Care center, they’ll recognition it without any hesitation. Every one of these people worrying simply did not produce a five minute mobile call.

For that standard in the battery, I have 3 other Optima’s that have been incredibly reliable. My earliest is finished four years, that certain being my fourth, and alone to fail after about 13 several days. I consider them is the greatest AGM battery for your cost just $30-$50 more than an OE flooded lead battery which usually only have single-2 year warranty compared to Optima’s 3 year. For individuals who’ve bought an automotive item shipped from and provided by Amazon . com ., Amazon . com . com will directly recognition the manufacturer’s launched warranty. Please contact Amazon . com . com Customer Care for help getting a guarantee claim.

Installed this battery (‘R’ means reverse polarity) inside my 1992 Miata today plus it fit well. It’s maybe 1 inch taller in comparison to Westco battery or OEM Panasonic battery, therefore i required to extend the threaded fly fishing rod keep top bracket, but otherwise it went in easily as well as the polarity was correct. The automobile thrilled, and so i am happy up to now. I’ll publish again essentially have issues.

You’ll find 3 levels or warranty relating to this ‘dual’ purpose battery. 36 several days for automotive use, 12 several days deep cycle with battery management, and thirty days deep cycle no battery management.

I purchased this battery Jan 2011, within 36 month automotive warranty, within my wife’s Honda. Per Optima’s and Amazon’s websites, Amazon . com . com should cover the manufacturer’s warranty. Yesterday I started an online speak with Amazon’s customer care to switch battery. Much like many warranty/insurance claims the initial answer was ‘No’. They tried to take advantage from the twelve months warranty claim. After an exchange of Websites and duplicated text from both Amazon . com . com and Optima they finally relented and my new battery acquired proper care of. Sadly my partner could not wait for battery to get shipped now I’ve got a spare to take advantage of elsewhere. Don’t accept no with an answer and possess the documentation ready you are getting your alternative.

I used to be a massive proponent of Optima batteries sadly they moved their manufacturing to Mexico and also the standard has experienced since. I bought this battery wishing they worked out the kinks since their relocate 2008-2009. This really is really the final Optima I’ll probably own. Within my truck I switched to Journey batteries. Sadly they do not off all of the BCI dimensions/models. I really will have a pre2008 Optima Blue top inside my truck just like a secondary that’s still going strong additionally to some pre2008 Red-colored-colored top Optima inside my 91 MR2 too.

I bought this battery within my 2006 Acura TSX within this summer time 2010 using the rave reviews. It made it 12 several weeks and 10 several days which ‘wonderful’ three year warranty is useless when purchased from Amazon . com . com (not Amazon’s fault, but Optima’s simply because they lead you to deal with the seller for alternative and you also can’t ship battery energy for them). Once I needed battery straight into Autozone to become examined they mentioned they see more dead Optima batteries than almost every other brand. They had two dead ones sitting behind the counter. Now i have a very new Duralast from their website with 36 month free alternative warranty will have the ability to really use (walk together with battery, venture out while using completely new one), an 8 year limited warranty, Plus it was CHEAPER! Extended story short, keep your money and steer clear of this ‘premium’ battery. You aren’t getting everything you purchase.

this really is really the 2nd failure of the model optima battery that i have been on 6 several days or less. Don’t get me wrong me there’s a great product nevertheless it went downhill since manufacturing remains shipped off ot mexico. i used to be an optima dealer once the organization first started within the first 90’s as well as the product was absolutely industry standard. nothing better. now furthermore with this optima failing two occasions, it has been transformed once already i have to switch to another model of AGM battery. really i have have been told by 3 major retailers they’ve stopped selling them due to the issues.

just like a note amazon . com . com did refund the price in the battery carrying out a very very long time on hold. which i desired to teach the customer service repetition on the fact they are accountable for the warranty service per optimas warranty service form.