The Optima batteries possess a cost premium because of their design, however extended existence and talent to function in any orientation too as with rough conditions is exactly what you are buying. In addition, you don’t have to make use of acidity spilling out just like you would with traidtional deep cycle marine batteries. Cost, however, is substantially greater.

I bought mine through amazon plus it was shipped ground utilizing their fullfulment center in Sacramento nearest in my opinion inside the san fran which meant it turned up overnight. I used to be somewhat disappointed at first getting ground service just like a prime member, but overnight beats a few days in addition to their fullfillment centers are gone the united states so chances are you are getting yours in 1-a few days by ground ups.

I’ve attempted personally Optima batteries since i have have destroyed my first battery inside my H1 humvee offroad in Alaska doing 60 Mph over rock roads within the Yukon areas to Alaska. Regular vehicle batteries just avoid well for the shake the H1 hummer can establish. In addition when offroading, the H1 may tip around 40 levels on sideslope which will spill the acidity from an regular vehicle battery because the optima does not loose any acidity or liquid whatsoever.

You *MUST* match the color code in the optima battery along with your intended purpose the next:

BLUE (that certain) — DEEP CYCLE programs — RV’s, inverters, UPS systems basically programs that you plan to drain battery dry every time then recharge it soon afterwards.

YELLOW (a few things i used in the H1 Hummer engine) — Has both deep cycle ability and engine beginning ability. In the event you drain an regular engine beginning battery dead you’re taking between 5-ten percent of the existence away immediately.