Optima 8050-160 D31T YellowTop Reviews

I’ve attempted personally this battery by getting an SEC America SF606 Heater Sentry inverter/charger to energy a Toyotomi L73 Ventilation Oil Heater when the energy has gone out. It’ll operate the heater in excess of 11 several hrs. The L73AT is my primary warmth source therefore it can’t be lower within a energy failure. Battery just does its job. Doesn’t leak or smell. My battery is presently 3 yrs old getting a forecasted information on 6. Pricey battery but useful. EDIT 1/3/13: 6 years old now and also the latest test still shown an inverter run time period of about 11 several hrs. (Examined each Christmas, AC line energy turned off and heater operated prior to the inverter turns off at roughly 10.5v.) It’s lost about 1/2 hr of inverter runtime in 6 yrs! The forecasted operating information on 6 years should be modified unless of course evidently this battery out of the blue needs a turn for your worse. EDIT 1/2/14: 7 yrs old now but nonetheless it keeps 90% of the reserve.

Initially when i first bought Optima batteries in June 2007 within my 2003 Peterbilt 387. In individuals days i had been yanking a 53′ enclosed vehicle shipping trailer whose hydraulics were operated by a twelve volt Electricity pump. To be able to save diesel, we’d attempted switching off your truck and operating the hydraulics from battery energy, but despite only loading a couple of cars, we’d find it too difficult beginning your truck while using drained batteries. After altering the OEM batteries while using Optima Group 31 batteries, we found we are in a position to unload and reload the entire trailer using battery energy only and also have plenty of energy to start your truck after.

My original Optima batteries have made it over four years and 750,000 miles. I regularly drain those to absolutely nothing once i park for your evening and my way through my truck (freezer, refrigerator, 1100 watt microwave, laptop, fan, radio and lights) without ever beginning your truck or my generator to recharge the batteries. When you are prepared to hit the road again, your truck starts up every time.

I have saved many thousands of dollars in fuel alone with such batteries over time, at the price the following on Amazon, they are an excellent bargain.

This really is really the 2nd Optima Yellow Top Combination battery which i’ve bought and i am very please with it’s performance. The Optima yellow top I’d before that certain made it 6 years with much use throughout camping. Six years is definitely an very very very long time of discharging and recharges, for nearly any RV battery. My other batteries were the standard deep cycle acidity batteries which only made it of a year . 5. This battery holds electric energy charge perfectly. I am in a position to camping for four or five days without re-charging. I suggest this battery because you convey more your money can buy.

Take advantage from the Optima Red-colored-colored Top for Starter Batteries in 4 different Automobiles — Really Extended Existence — No Issues — even at -40 Levels F.

Take advantage from the Optima Yellow Tops for ‘Power Reserve’ (House) Batteries inside the RV — Deep Cycle — great Reserve energy backup — can frugally increase to 4 days without getting requiring to Recharge

The disposable prime shipping saved us a lot of money. It turned up in just a couple of days. Put it inside the travel trailer, full of new spade lugs round the energy leads. After our first camping trip from it installed, I used to be completely impressed. An excellent friend had recommended it as they has one that is four years of age which he installed it within the Tundra. During the Arizona warmth (around 125 levels daytime), it organized well.

Fundamental necessities single finest batteries for absolutely ANY vehicle truck or Semi on the road…period of time. My alternator went, which i possibly could drive 30 miles home, on the highway throughout the evening by getting an optima beneath the hood. Absolutely no way an ordinary battery would do that.

I have several of these D31T type Optimas. I take advantage of them inside my diesel pickup just like a single-battery solution, ignore dual-batteries to handle. This battery has not let me lower. Among my trucks is certainly a classic Ford IDI, and regarding the elements, it will require a lot of turning to be going. This Optima starts it every time. After I left my vehicle car headlights on All Day Long Lengthy in the office.. showed up in this area throughout the evening and thought I’d be stranded… but no! I furthermore start using these inside my race vehicle, one battery for beginning, one for other things.

The offset cells mean you have to customized it, which i ended up making custom battery trays. Plus this can be one large battery. Oddly the offset cells provide a nice ‘handle’ round the corners so that you can easily get and bear.

Did not possess a leak, or possibly a cracked situation, or anything bad really. Highly recommended.

Everything was as guaranteed. Delivery what food was in several shipping throughout each week, consider I used to be informed there might be several shipment, I wasn’t whatsoever surprised. Batteries to be used inside the conversion from the 1992 BMW 325i into a thrilling electric drive. These hold the energy needed for that first conversion. Progress in the conversion along with pictures of the batteries can be found at