At first I used to be somewhat reluctant to purchase an automobile / truck battery online, but my local auto parts wanted close to double things i believed it was on Amazon for. Therefore I walked in. Battery turned up sooner than I’d thought it could, greatly packed, no problem while using battery, came charged as well as your style inside my truck. Truck cranked right over. Carrying out a month battery retains did not have issues but nonetheless looks new.

My battery turned up in the snug pressboard box with holes inside the sides for handles. Essentially remember right the credit card board in the finish extended just a little to guard it whether or not this was dropped 3 or 4 inches straight lower. After reading through with the reviews here, I convey a register my door asking the delivery person to ring the bell and wait therefore i could browse the packaging. UPS shipped it. I am unsure once they may have taken it back had I rejected it because no signature was needed. The thing is, the packaging was fine, battery was fine, and delay fine. This is not my first Optima. Whether or not this works together with the 4g apple iphone, another model, I’m going to be happy.

However, I merely observed that even though this item is provided by and satisfied by Amazon . com . com, there is a notation of no returns. I don’t remember seeing this once i got it within the month of the month of january as well as the restriction does not show on my invoice. This battery features a three year alternative warranty and i am wondering how that will utilize Amazon . com . com not accepting returns. It’s my job to assumed that Amazon . com . com was an authorized dealer for items offered and satisfied by Amazon . com . com. As soon as I uncover where one can make an inquiry in Amazon’s maze from the help system I’ll report here a few things i uncover.

I purchased this battery within my Silverado 4×4 truck. I have had a large Down stereo system system system with two amps and a pair of 12′ subs beneath the back chair. Your truck also uses electric fans to awesome lower the. My old battery would go dead every couple of days under this current drain. Using this new Optima Yellow top battery, things are effective. My complaints are solved.

There may have been packaging problems formerly, while not now. Battery showed up heavy pressboard wonderful corners protected. It turned up every day early. The scale was exact, all brackets & cables fit. A lifting handle works fine and stays round the battery. A plastic raising platform, a great inch thick, was incorporated while not needed in my Corvettes. Battery was fully charged, vehicle started up. I have another yellow-top inside an old Blazer, that Optima has labored without incident throughout the final couple of years. Very pleased.

Update 10/10/2015: Battery died inside an unusual way — it went from fully functioning, no problem or weakness, to completely dead (5 volts) overnight. Checked all vehicle switches, etc, nothing left on. Checked resistance between = & — cables: megohms, like it must be. Impossible to recharge battery, overloaded charger, as if battery developed an inside short. Bought a normal battery to switch this. Reduced rating from 5 to 3 stars for strange failure.

I presently include an Optima in all of my 5 automobiles. 3 trucks and two cars. Mostly I take advantage of the Red-colored-colored tops however, this yellow will be a better fit for your vehicle i used to be putting it in. You can’t fail getting an Optima, no matter what you want to put your battery through.


I have been applying this inside my vehicle throughout the final 3 years with no problems. It endures -5 degree nights and my vehicle starts every morning with no hesitation. Furthermore, it preforms well in moderate summer time season between 95 and 100 deg normally. I park the automobile outdoors inside the weather and so the battery reaches experience whatever temp character throws advertising online.

****Update 4+ years after purchase this battery remains working great. (So can be the comfort of my Optima’s) For just about any year . 5 this has existed my full-sized off-road rig. It provides a Chevrolet 350 with modifications, 180 amplifier alternator, a 12,000 pound winch and dual 14 inch radiator electric fans. I don’t run your truck each day or possibly every week some occasions when I am finished with your truck I disconnect battery until I would like your truck again. It sits using the winter and summer season and every time I would like your truck it starts no problem. Despite years of use and chilling out I am in a position to depend onto it to start your truck in -20 Deg winters or 95+ Deg summer time season then run all day long lengthy/evening under harsh conditions.

Worth ever cent, my last optima (red-colored-colored top)made it 8 1/24 several weeks inside my Chevrolet work truck. The Optima yellow top fits within the Ford 2005 E250 work van. This really is really the 5th battery from Optima instead of an problem. Thanks Amazon . com . com

Its only been a few several days since purchase, but up to now so excellent! i used to be offered on optima batteries following a red-colored-colored top i’d for pretty much 10 years finally died, it absolutely was driven on Two occasions with dying alternators but got me for the shop no problem, that’s pretty. Great amazon . com . com cost too.

Love Optima batteries as well as the cost was a lot better than the neighborhood people, nevertheless it already spent yearly of it’s existence in Amazon’s warehouse. Received it in March 2014 getting a March 2013 datecode sticker about it. Could it have been a trade to not get a completely new battery? could be.