Battery showed up very rapidly. Tried on the extender to energy the trolling motor in my 5-person Intex inflatable. Required it around the bay just that one and just time, and also the energy went out, departing me moored in the center of the bay. Buddies arrived on the scene in a spead boat to save me.

Attempted to recharge this battery, however the charger I purchased from Amazon using the battery started to overheat. The following day I introduced it to the local Optima dealer. Installed battery around the charger/diagnostic machine for 69 minutes, and unsuccessful the exam. Zero turning amplifiers along with a recommendation to exchange. The Optima dealer is not able to buy a alternative because this battery is no more offered by their supplier.

Amazon . com won’t accept returns with this battery. Amazon . com states to send it back towards the dealer, however the dealer can’t do anything whatsoever about this. I spoken with Optima around the telephone, and they’re sorry I’m going through this, consider Amazon . com isn’t an approved seller, Optima cannot assist me to either.

So, Amazon . com has my $175, and there’s no customer support to reason with. I needed to spend another $90 in a local warehouse store for any real, working battery having a real working warranty. If only all of you a much better experience than I’d. After a long time purchasing from Amazon . com, I won’t return.

My research makes me question where Amazon . com gets these batteries. Here is the e-mail I acquired from Optima customer support after i asked regarding their warranty. Thought other purchasers would discover the information useful. Amazon . com includes a better cost but you’re betting that nothing goes completely wrong using the battery. Best of luck.

I bought a couple of these 11 several weeks ago. You have unsuccessful and surprise, no local sellers will recognition the warranty. I’m getting in touch with Optima, but am not optomistic given what I have read online relating to this situation.

OPTIMA BLUETOP WARRANTY INFORMATION All BlueTop beginning and combination batteries 24 several weeks free alternative Series String Programs with battery management system or CV/CC charge method above (deep cycle only) 12 several weeks Series String Programs without battery management system (deep cycle only) 30 days. For those who have an issue contact Optima!

These batteries are the most useful available on the market. I love that they’re easy to maintain, especially those that aren’t readily available on my small boat. I really like Amazon . com because one battery was shipped came by the shipper, box broke. Amazon . com rapidly sent me out a different one. I simply changed the 2 batteries I purchased earlier this weekend. All labored all right and simply cranked over my twin Honda 4 Stroke 130s. The ocean trial will start inside a couple of days and when all looks good digitally, I’ll be confident to head out 25 miles in to the Gulf and never worry if my batteries will live or die available. These batteries changed my old West Marine Combination twelve volt batteries. The effectiveness of they are two times around my old batteries. This provides me two times just as much energy and time when available running stereo system FF and Gps navigation etc. I’d recommend ordering these Optima Batteries specifically for rough outside use.

Outstanding Battery & Performance! Have possessed for a long time. Optima blue top marine/deepcycle battery.The audience 31 is easily the most effective, using the greatest amplifier hour rating. The very best battery by having an hugely lengthy existence. The important thing to lengthy existence is applying a marine deep cycle charger, 10-12 amplifiers, tops. Ensure that it stays billed and store it correctly. I’ve had one of these simple last many years now… which is still going strong. I apply it Cpap machine when camping along with other uses too. No water to include ever, no leakage possible. Is definitely an AGM (Absorbed Glass Pad Battery) Highly suggested!