Battery died on my small Scion tC and that i went right to Amazon to locate a brand new one. I’ve had an optima Red-colored-Top within my Prelude for around 6 years also it still runs strong (Worthwhile just for the wintertime begins alone), and so i naturally went for the similar battery this time around. So far as battery is worried: ……Is effective away from the box ……Battery was billed enough in the factory to obtain the vehicle began away from the box. ……Weight and size are not far from the OEM tC battery, It your style in position without any mods. (Also, I actually do accept the prior poster who stated the terminal protector situation would serve great like a booster to choose battery up one inch or two. It is simply a square bit of plastic)

So far as the shipping and packing by Amazon . com is worried: ……First, I’ll admit, I had been worried about the shipping according to things i read within the other reviews, however i know Amazon . com is on the top on most problems pretty rapidly and that i was wishing they’d addressed the packing problem right now. And So I went ahead and purchased. ……Well, the moment I opened up up, It had been apparent they fixed the packing problem. It had been packed Perfectly. You can observe within the pictures the used portions of card board pieces sandwiched between an inner and surface on all sides. No cheap popcorn or anything. ……Battery showed up without any dents or scratches ……Never doubt Amazon . com, my boy.

On the whole….an excellent buy!

I approached Amazon . com concerning a alternative for that Optima RedTop Battery I’d bought roughly 24 months, 8 several weeks ago. It was because of my present battery no more functioning because of a defunct cell. I had been sent a brand new Optima RedTop Battery, free of charge, also it meets and really surpasses my anticipation. This can be a excellent battery and really should it grow problems later on, I understand I’m able to contact Amazon . com Customer Support and get an immediate resolution towards the problem. Thanks Amazon . com.

I’ve possessed several Optima Red-colored and Yellow top batteries, which have to do with just like it will get. To obtain much better, you’d need to spend two times just as much money.

It was my first Optima battery obtain Amazon . com. Order processing and shipping was high quality (as always). The ‘doorstep’ cost (with free super saving idea shipping) was much better than any I discovered online or in a local store- and that i spent considerable time researching my purchase in advance.

Altering a vehicle battery usually only requires a couple of minutes along with a couple of wrenches or electrical sockets, and I am certain as lengthy while you choose the best size battery for the vehicle it’ll work nicely. The applying guide around the item page precisely incorporated my vehicle.

I must state that I’d just a little trouble with my shipment coming broken, but Amazon . com walked up to home plate striking a house run using their first-rate customer support. I had been initially reluctant to buy this due to the ‘no returns on hazardous stuff’ disclaimer, but be assured that Amazon . com backs up its items. After my experience, I’d highly recommend Amazon . com for any vehicle battery purchase.

Hands Lower The Very Best Of It’s Type! You will find two other good brands, and when they create one which fits the application you might like to consider one. But to date Optima has spent the final 2 decades gradually growing and supporting more dimensions/programs than every before. I’ve 14 of those that we began purchasing 10 years ago and every one of them still work nicely. Normally they’ve 40% more CCA’s than standard batteries and last 3x longer. If you are using them in abusive situations they difference is much more pronounced. Bear in mind they do not output any toxic or explosive gasses, so individuals individuals running battery boxes.. what this means is one less hold to drill inside your vehicle.

You will find three tops, Red-colored, Yellow and Blue. It’s not hard to remember when you should use which. Blue is perfect for deep cycle marine programs and really should be utilized in most marine programs. Yellow is perfect for ANY vehicle where you’ve installed a effective stereo system, area radio, or any other energy draining appliance you’ll regularly using with no engine running. Red-colored is perfect for other programs best referred to normally alternative or programs.

I did not realize exactly what a straightforward way sony playstation obtain a battery in my Jeep Liberty. I had been searching for a alternative for that original 5 years old battery and it was very happy to find in the Optima Batteries site they’d one which fit my 2002 Jeep Liberty. I rapidly found battery on Amazon . in a great cost. Battery went in my Jeep having a simple socket wrench. My local recycling guide pointed to somewhere to accept old one. The additional beginning energy is excellent.

This battery would be a perfect fit in my 2007 Saturn Sky Redline. Battery permitted the vehicle to begin soon after installation and that i haven’t had any issues up to now.

This really is my second Optima. The very first is happening 15 years of age and it has resided in three different automobiles. No acidity leaks, long-term storage is first rate also it appears to last indefinitely. Worth the expense.

Battery lighter than anticipated, when in comparison to OEM model. great beginning energy. more compact than anticipated.