My 2002 vette needed a brand new battery and rather than purchasing the OEM Delco I made the decision around the Optima RedTop for much less cash and much more beginning energy. The engine never cranked better on launch.

Labored ideal for 6months, then lost current. Wouldn’t turn the starter over and done with out using it charge. Got progressively worse. Purchased a battery tester and also the battery unsuccessful the exam.

My Optima red-colored top battery finally died permanently now. This isn’t a poor factor since i bought it new in 1997! You heard right… 14 many four cars later, time for you to buy another red-colored top!Optima Batteries 8020-164 35 RedTop Beginning Battery

These batteries are the most affordable available on the market, particularly in programs where they aren’t used frequently. They’ll hold electric power charge for over a year kept in storage e.g., antique cars.

If you prefer a battery to last in harsh conditions then this is one way to visit. I personally use my one battery in a number of vehicals for various reasons. My show vehicle for that looks and also to support the audio system, My 4×4 because sometimes you finish on your lid and still need make use of your winch, my demo derby vehicle/truck for apparent reasons, and my daily driver because my vehicle wouldn’t start isn’t a reason to my boss. I’m not sure anyone who uses these as hard when i do and i reck one every 2 yrs approximately but thats the good thing about the three Year ‘FULL’ warranty. They change it free of charge, no questions requested, and also the warranty is restored so you’ve another three years usefulOrmisuse. Unlike walmart or any other garbage batteries that continue for 2 yrs for the most part, ‘about 6 several weeks within my daily driver’ and you still need to pay an incomplete ammount to have it changed. So save the money and time over time and purchase an optima from the dealer, not amazon . com, cuz a defunct battery in the center of The month of january will set you back far more than an additional $60.

Would this easily fit in a 1997 Chevrolet blazer LT 4×4 ? I truly require a new battery in my Chevrolet blazer As soon as possible and I have to know would this fit and work acceptable for my truck I’d happily understand the solutions I’ll get thanks all greatly

Fit the applying perfectly, and also the vehicle began without hesitation around the first crank. I would suggest however that you simply consider the Optima website straight to purchase batteries, because they come with an offer that stretches their standard warranty by collecting certainly one of their battery chargers included in the battery purchase. You cannot obtain the warranty if you don’t get them together. I am unsure, however it does seem sensible that if you buy this battery or any others within their line and also you do buy a charger within the same transaction they’d most likely recognition the warranty extension, however i would seek advice from them first. The conclusion however, is the fact that these batteries are extremely well-crafted that they’ll most likely overcome a typical battery 5 occasions over, so what is the logical indicate extend the warranty to 2 years to start with. They are just selling battery chargers and providing the incentive by boosting the warranty. I am certain battery will far overcome that two year warranty. As with every batteries, you need to purchase a good wise charger instead of something cheap from Harbor Freight.