I bought this battery in March of 2008 and also the battery has become dead by The month of january 2009. I approached Optima to try to arrange a guarantee exchange, plus they passed the buck by pointing me to make contact with Amazon, that The trainer told us they’d not recognition a guarantee exchange, or refund due to the shipping restriction they’ve about this item. I’m now tied to a $150 paperweight on my small work bench, and also have since changed my battery by having an OEM style alternative battery from my local auto store which will really recognition my warranty should I have to utilize it.

Optima batteries are fantastic items that nary have problems, however i will *NEVER* purchase another Optima product in line with the insufficient customer care which i received.

The product shipped from Amazon . com without any padding whatsoever. It had been cracked in a number of places, and a few bits of the plastic casing had damaged off completely. It had been no more an enclosed battery and it was definitely not functional. I can not picture this battery, which weighs in at nearly 40 pounds, ever making it through a visit with the mail without padding.

Battery died after 20 several weeks. After calling Amazon . com I came across that Amazon . com doesn’t recognition any warranty about this battery. Optima does not either! Local shops don’t either! I needed to switch the battery in your area, but the next time I’ll a minimum of possess a warranty. Do Not Buy THIS BATTERY ON-LINE!!!!!

I declined to simply accept delivery of the item. It had been shipped with simply no protection. No padding, no box, only a wrap of plastic to carry the spacer in position. The shipping labels were stuck straight to the bare battery. One entire lower corner was destroyed, damaged plastic completely in to the actual cell. As this is a gel cell type battery, no liquid released, however i it was not likely to pay a battery having a hole in the cell. These might be wonderful batteries, but shipping totally unguaranteed is idiocy.

Item required longer then expected because of UPS but was initially shipped by amazon . com quickly after my order was placed. Direct easily fit in my truck. my stock battery was over 24 months old and it was showing put on by the quantity of battery acidity which has emerge battery. Installation was extremely swift… maybe no more than 10min. and that i required my battery to some local shop which provided cash for that old battery.

I have possessed Optima batteries previously and contains always offered me perfectly. I’d these optima battery installed in the vehicle with 3000 watt subs also it did a fantastic job. Once the bass was switched completely up I’d minimal dimming of automobiles mind lights.

Shipping… And So I read a few of the reviews before i purchased the product. Many of the very negative comments are from the in the past. Mine showed up inside a package that safeguards battery. I’d no harm to my product in anyway. There’s a really obvious description that amazon . com WILL recognition the three year warranty too. I suppose that amazon . com did not have a means of doing the work in reviews which were discussed three years prior. I’ve confidence that I won’t have issues with my warranty alternative as needed dealing with amazon . com, but I won’t discover unless of course I want a alternative anytime.

I have had great knowledge about Optima batteries previously. Amazon . com offers it in a great cost, but you would be best purchasing one in your area and having to pay more. Amazon . com ships battery lacking the necessary protection, then when the UPS men drop this area, battery will probably get broken. Mine showed up having a smashed corner. At that time I didn’t determine if this could affect performance. Now following a year useful, it’s pretty obvious the damage has had its toll. My battery struggles to keep 12 volts. I’m going to be changing it by having an Optima bought in your area.

Purchased this battery and that i received it broken. Amazon . com wouldn’t go back, the shipper wouldn’t have a claim and Optima wouldn’t go back. And So I remained having a broken battery I can not use within my truck. Finally gave it to my handy guy who’ll utilize it in the utility trailer after he put some epoxy around the broken area. There is no means by hell I’d place it within my truck like this. Should you order this battery be familiar with their refund policy should you receive it broken you are virtually screwed!!!!

I purchased this Here on Amazon . com and Mine showed up Perfectly Packed… Unhealthy Comments are from Years back.. Amazon . com Packages them better now..

I have possessed a number of these Optima Batteries, they’re Amazing.. No Water, It is a SEALED Battery and holds an incredible Charge. My home is the Mountain tops, it typically will get below Zero my home and my 2002 Subaru begins Each And Every TIME with this particular battery… I have had one of these simple for five+ many still it holds an excellent charge without any problems… This can be a Far Superior battery towards the Average battery.

See my Photos… Mine showed up in Great Condition! I installed this within my Wife’s 2011 Subaru Forester and it is working GREAT!!!