I personally use Optima Blue Top batteries like a energy backup having a pure sinewave inverter/charger. They’re effective and could be mounted at any position because they are sealed and do not vent gas just like a flooded battery. Being sealed, the posts don’t corrode like regular batteries and also the may be used inside carefully. When within load they hold at 12 volts for any very long time and recharge considerably faster than most batteries and don’t warm up even if billed fast, like 70 amplifiers. Optima could package them just a little better for shipping Body was cracked at the end. A bit of stryofoam towards the bottom from the box might have saved it from damage. Amazon did send a alternative. Thanks.

Amazon . com hasn’t remedied the packaging trouble with these batteries. Battery showed up inside a box having a single layer of bubble wrap over the top battery. The top battery was cracked and also the cells inside were visible. I bought this battery to exchange a blue top optima I’ve had for 8 years. The very best battery I’ve ever possessed! I made use of it for from running 12volt lights inside a cabin, towards the only energy supply within my rock crawler which has a 8k lb winch, 3k lb winch, off-road driving lights, 6 auxiliary lights, air compressor and 300 watt stereo system system. I recommend battery, however…don’t buy it from amazon . com. Used to do have a refund. In the beginning the repetition stated they might only refund half. I stated which was unacceptable plus they decided to a complete refund.

Battery showed up with what appeared as if the initial box it ships in in the manufacturer. There is a 61 pound battery inside a box just large enough to slip it in and shut the lid. The corrugated box was thicker than usual ones, but there is no padding of any type inside.

My battery had clearly taken an autumn in transport and also the box corner was broken. Battery inside was dinged up. It can’t have a proper charge, and so i attempted to obtain an RMA from Amazon . com. The web site states they will not go back and to consult the maker.

After a little research to obtain the number to make contact with the maker, I known as them and it was told that Amazon . com will indeed go back which it’s Amazon’s fault because they’ve been shipping all of them improper packaging and Optima is looking to get these to repair it. The repetition there was adamant when I call Amazon . com I’ll encourage them to go back.

I known as them (type of hard to find away out to talk to an active repetition understandably, however they did answer rapidly and were polite) and it was told that they’ll go back. But following a couple of minutes of attempting to transmit us a packing slip, The trainer told us they could not produce one with this product and that i must ship battery back inside my cost and I’d be refunded shipping if this showed up.

Additionally they afflicted me with a $10 credit to pay for that trouble. I did not request. To ensure that was nice.

It require me to pay about $32 to ship it for them UPS ground. So when it arrived I had been returned for that product on my small CC on that day so when I authored these to refund me for that shipping, which was taken proper care of very quickly also.

I purchase so much from Amazon . com. I really like the website and also the service usually. It has been my first under good experience.

I had been concern about a few of the past reviews worrying concerning the shipped to customer condition. I known as customer support and requested an email to take my account saying I want two fresh Optimas which are inside a ‘Clean’ condition and also to please make certain they’ve enough packing material to ensure that they’re safe in shipping. I received two fresh date placed batteries in good shape.

Optimas are a good battery which will endure the pounding I place them through and apply a typical conditioning charger, they aren’t gel batteries. Other options can be found but I have had great luck together (last set managed to get 6+ years within an Offshore boat)

Best boat battery I have ever bought. I personally use on the runabout so we never need to bother about beginning, radio, or the electronics. So a lot better than the cheaper batteries I needed to replace after one or two seasons. My battery from 2008 continues to be running strong. Saved it included disconnected all winter lengthy also it was still being at 12.5v and began the engine not a problem. Just purchased a second one (choosing a couple of these versus one starter and something old-style Electricity). Amazon . com super saving idea shipping shipped it to my door by 50 percent days! Love Optima and love Amazon . com to purchase them!

Optima Batteries 8016-103 D34M BlueTop Combination Battery I just read it was the best Optima battery in my RV. I purchased one, however the poor packaging by Amazon . com led to a severly cracked battery, subjecting the main, if this was shipped. I’ve read other testimonials stating their battery was broken when shipped. Isn’t moving or delivering a cracked battery a bio hazard? Customer Support rapidly and happily returned my money because there have been forget about available. Since the stock continues to be replenished battery is more expensive and I don’t know if it won’t arrive broken. Amazon . com should browse the reviews and package correctly.