Optima identifies within their data sheet with this battery a ‘reserve capacity test’. Essentially, you are taking a completely-billed battery at 80F and set a 25A strain on it. In two hours the current from the battery should be above 10.5V. I have received three of those batteries from Amazon that examined around 83-85 minutes. The batteries varied in age from between 3 and 6 several weeks, and sitting that lengthy without having to be billed likely broken them. I bought two from the local store which were only two several weeks old, plus they were much better, lasting nearly 100 minutes, but nonetheless failing the reserve capacity test. Optima has yet to reply to my complaints, but it’s obvious these batteries don’t satisfy the specifications in their own individual data sheet for his or her capacity.

This most likely is not an problem if you are with them to begin a gasoline engine, but I am with them within an Electric Vehicle, where capacity really matters.

EDIT: Lately 2014, Amazon . com appears to obtain their inventory under better control and also the batteries they’re shipping are fresher. Batteries received 1/12/2015 were manufactured 11/2014 or 12/2014, all were received &gt, 12.8V. They still fail the reserve capacity test, description of how the go 100 approximately minutes, but that is Optima. I would suggest examining the resting current from the new battery you obtain, and when it’s than around 12.75V, reject it.

I made the decision to buy this battery through Amazon . com because it involved $50 less expensive than local merchants. Since I have never bought a vehicle battery online, I known as Amazon . com and Optima to request the way a warranty claim works once the battery was bought through Amazon . com. The folks I spoken with provided some very surprising information, which I decided to reveal to you:

1. Amazon . com only accepts returns for approximately thirty days following the item was bought. After thirty days, the client is going to be known towards the manufacturer from the item. 2. Optima refers all online purchases to the initial store. The entire warranty can’t be honored through Optima unless of course battery was bought in one of Optima’s approved online merchants. The approved merchants are proven on Optima’s site, Amazon . com is undertake and don’t. 3. Optima is not able to recognition any warranty for batteries bought through Amazon . com because Optima is not aware of the health of the batteries, the shipping methods, how lengthy the batteries will be in a warehouse, etc.

The Optima Yellow Top series are perhaps the best auto batteries presently available on the market, however the money saved by purchasing from Amazon . com clearly is not well worth the almost nonexistent warranty.

I purchased eight from the Optima yellow top batteries for house batteries inside a sailboat for that ease of AGM, no fill, no spill, etc. These batteries are billed with a condition from the art 4 stage regulator, plus solar power panels on the microprocessor charge controller. The batteries are all-in-one bank and billed/released equally rather than below 85%. Quite simply they’re spoiled. The bad, one battery unsuccessful inside a week of installation. It began gassing and warming up even within light charge. After in regards to a year a different one developed an interior short and it is current dropped close to 8V. It had been simple to identify just by touching the very best. It had been warmer compared to relaxation. Six several weeks next, two more developed internal shorts with similar signs and symptoms. These batteries are gone ranked. It seems the quality from battery varies broadly. I’ll never buy a different one.

They’d the incorrect images with this batt but once i approached them they first got it fixed. For the people worried about the possible lack of extended warranty, go purchase one from optima and then try to have it changed. They provided the runaround on my small last optima which i bought from their store now I’ll save $100 by buying here. Yes $100 not $50. You need to be on the lookout for that deals. If for whatever reason this new optima requires a garbage inside a year (that is highly unlikely) I am not out much $. But when it lasts like others I’ve I’ll get minimum five years from it. For that other reviews stating that they approached optima and optima says they do not know how amazon . com gets there batteries. Ah optima sells pallets of batteries which are 6 several weeks old and older. So optima is filled with it. I labored in the warehouse so Ive view it.

I had been reluctant to purchase this due to all of the reviews saying battery was poorly packed and would arrive broken. Knowing Amazon . com includes a good returns policy, I required the possibility and purchased it.

I am in NY and also the battery was shipped by truck mix country (I viewed the monitoring updates). It required in regards to a week for this to reach.

After I finally received it, I recognized I had been lucky. Battery was at good shape without any breaks or scratches onto it. Simultaneously, it arrived an easy card board box with a few padding on the top, but nothing at the base. This can be a very heavy item and it is easy to visualise the foot of battery getting broken throughout a lengthy truck ride as there’s no protection whatsoever between the foot of battery and also the 1/4 inch card board box it is available in.

I do not have it, sometimes they’re going overboard & package probably the most trivial of products in foam and bubble wrap, with this 50lb. item it’s essentially just covered in 1/4 inch of card board.

Battery itself appears fine- …began my vehicle up fine (although I can not discuss it within the long-term at this time).