I bought this battery and also the deep cycle Optima. The deep cycle battery showed up perfectly and correctly packed. The beginning battery (that one) showed up in poor packaging coupled with clearly been came back to Amazon . com once prior to being delivered to me. The terminal covers were missing and also the box it had been in was clearly not the initial packing.

Additionally towards the packaging being defective, upon removal in the box, I additionally observed the battery situation was broken (it absolutely was dropped) and it was damaged. A tiny bit of acidity was seeping from it.

This is when it will get tricky as there has been some here recommending that you ought to not buy a battery from Amazon . com simply because they cannot service the merchandise.

After I observed the situation was damaged, I drenched in to obtain a product return authorization. Difficult on the internet site with batteries since they’re considered Hazardous Materials.

And So I known as Amazon . com and described the issue. The service guy on the telephone explained I’d two options: 1: keep your damaged battery (discover how you can dump it) and obtain a complete refund. Or 2: Keep your damaged battery (discover how you can dump it) and obtain another battery.

I possibly could not make a better group of options from an on-line store. I required the alternative. It showed up correctly packed and clearly never opened up before.

I’m still a really satisfied Amazon . com customer.

For individuals individuals which are worried about what many others have examined badly service (Amazon . com not an approved service center and the inability to take bad batteries back), all I’m able to have to say is that my experience was just like I possibly could expect. If only the first had showed up correctly packed and undamaged, but inside a couple days I had been made whole again. So only 4 stars.

Optima makes among the best batteries available on the market. And apparently probably the most durable too. Our battery was shipped inside a card board box having a couple of ‘air pillows’ that deflated the very first time this area was handled… the Optima Battery is heavy, but showed up apparently untouched evey although it flopped around on the road for untold miles. If you prefer a easy to maintain, lengthy long lasting battery which will survive the worst shipping conditions, this battery is perfect for you.

They are outstanding batteries and worth the cost. Amazon . com has got the best cost, merely a $5 flat transportation charge also it showed up in three days.

Excellent service and my own knowledge about these batteries they overcome anything available on the market. Esp. useful in Phoenix’s warm weather.

This item showed up broken because of faulty packing job. I known as Amazon . com plus they quickly changed the system without any delays. Great customer support should you request me. This really is my 3rd Optima battery and that i utilize it within my bass boat. It’s very reliable which last a very long time.

This battery does a great job of generating my 50 hewlett packard Pressure Mercury outboard. I’ve not needed to charge it since setting up it at the begining of September.

This really is the best battery available. They do not leak. They’re virtually corrosion free. Have them correctly billed and they’re maintenance and hassle free. I’ve discovered they’re very resistant against vibration and when correctly mounted will out last every other battery in rough service for example boat racing and 4 wheeling.

I just read lots of reviews that helped me reluctant to however this battery because of the cost. To date this out works any battery I’ve ever bought. So far as the existence being short I won’t know for some time I really hope. But when you’re searching for a top end battery which will beat most this is actually the one for the boat.