I have heard only advantages to optima batteries, but mine must’ve been a fluke, ‘cuz it died after just 6 several weeks. battery power test demonstrated it had become indeed bad. but it features a 3-year warranty. HOWEVER, Amazon doesn’t accept returns for batteries, ‘cuz it’s hazmat. Rather, it simply informs me to recycle it inside my approved local recycling dealer. I known as optima, plus they explained that amazon . com isn’t an approved online dealer, but fortunately they could look for a servicing company in your area will be able to visit, so i am keeping my fingers entered. the moral from the story? Optima batteries are wonderful, but don’t purchase them from amazon . com! within the unlikely even that the battery fails prematurely, amazon . com doesn’t take proper care of you. spend a bit more money and obtain them form a nearby store or someone who’s approved. that most likely applies to any electronic things and amazon . com. don’t misunderstand me. i really like amazon . com, however i most likely would only buy books and the like from their store to any extent further

Amazon . com isn’t an approved dealer for Optima! Optima won’t recognition the warranty, and Amazon . com won’t support the product either. Amazon . com has been very dishonest by selling this battery knowing there’s NO warranty. Mine died after 2 yrs (in to the three year alternative warranty) and Amazon . com won’t perform a single factor to face behind the acquisition. What else on this website is not Amazon . com suggesting does not possess a warranty? I’ve been a loyal Amazon . com/Prime customer for a long time, although not after moving away from the telephone with Amazon . com relating to this battery. It’s possible a bit more costly to purchase local, however i just learned my lesson that it’s really cheaper over time.

Bought this in October of 2010, battery got less strong & less strong within 3 several weeks, finally crapped out by June. Been with them on the suggested trickle charger & disconnected if not being used. Automobiles charging system was confirmed to be fine. Approached seller at Bluegrass & these were very useful but Optima demands which i spend $50 to ship to seller when there’s a nearby dealer near the house. I complained to Optima, they recommended I perform a 10A fast charge to resucitate , that we did, & the situation split within fifteen minutes despite the fact that battery never got hot. They possess the gall to state that the split situation isn’t covered under warranty. The el cheepo Walmart battery I am using like a alternative has outperformed the Optima bit of junk. Optima’s 3 year ‘warranty’ is certainly not however a marketing ploy. Save your valuable money & purchase from somebody that backs up their items.

Give consideration before ordering this — this can be a HAZMAT item that’s not returnable or refundable unconditionally.

So, there’s no warranty, no matter what it really states.

Incidentally the R about this battery means REVERSE, therefore the the bad and the good devices are corrected, which really causes it to be unfit correctly in many automobiles, don’t believe you can easily transform it around — the cables within the automobiles don’t always achieve of sleep issues from the battery place.

Also, unlike most optima batteries, this will not include any suggestion of if this was manufactured….

Fits nicely within my 2004 Small Cooper S. Only factor to look for is you have to by hand spread the clamp for that positive terminal. Won’t slide on without having done so. Not to mention bend the additional wire up and taken care of because the terminal is farther in around the battery than around the stock oem battery however that information I discovered all around the internet. I’ve only been with them in a couple of days and so i cannot talk to its durability. Does appear to show the vehicle on the little simpler/faster, however i might be imagining that.

After roughly 16 several weeks, my Optima 34R / 8003-151 battery died. It labored within my automobile — it did not. I attempted refreshing it in most the methods Optima recommended — however the battery, she was dead.

Like others, I bought the Optima battery online. There is a large transportation charge too. The dealership that shipped was at Wisconsin. I am around the West Coast.

My Optima Battery included the conventional 36 month full alternative warranty. The Issue Is — The Organization NOW Will Not Recognition IT’S OWN WARRANTY AND WARRANTY TERMS.

That is the way Optima Battery’s warranty scam works:

The organization claims that if your consumer is not able to visit the organization that offered them the warranty, Optima can get the warranty satisfied with a local dealer within their area. The only real caveat is — when the battery could be billed, a little fee may incur — when the errant battery could be elevated. That sounds pretty reasonable.

However, when an Optima consumer really attempts to get warranty service — Optima states THE Coming initially from DEALER MUST Match The WARRANTY SERVICE — Wherever The Dealership IS Situated.

Quite simply, someone MUST SHIP Battery To THE OPTIMA DEALER that offered them the product. You Will Find NO EXCEPTIONS.

Shipping my Optima Battery will cost roughly $40.00 each way (shipping back the damaged battery and having to pay for shipping a alternative model.)

Again, doing the mathematics, I Must Spend OUT $80.00 to come back a deterioration battery and obtain warranty plan to deliver a replacement. You will find numerous Optima Battery sellers within my neighborhood — only a couple of miles away. However, Optima Battery now states I can not rely on them. Optima Battery — everyone ought to be embarrassed with her.

Optima Battery and it is warranty program really are a total scam….