Odyssey PC1350-A reviews

That one fit my 2011 Porsche 978 / Cayman-S. It had been more than the stock Moll brand that Porsche had however it fit the tie lower brackets biggest stock setting just perfect wide, height and length. I only needed to add bolt to make use of only at that bracket tie lower setting hole. A little heavier compared to sock and can last considerably longer compared to 2-3 year stock Moll brand.

If you do not mind 20-30 lb more in weight that one is a good battery.

It is really an incredible battery. It’s a little costly however i got things i taken care of and also have no regrets. Also, Amazon . com customer support goes far above anticipation. My battery had some damage in shipping and Amazon . com required proper care of it very fast. I suggest this battery to individuals who require to deeply discharge battery power throughout use, need 95 Ah of accessible current (more possibly 76 Ah to 80% discharge I suppose), but still desire a battery they are able to lift to maneuver around. I personally use it by having an Amateur Radio area setup. I purchased an affordable battery box and bolted an MFJ Electricity energy distributor on the top from it which is all set to go. Between this along with a cell I’m able to run my radios 24/7 as lengthy when i have sun.

The very first time i bought this battery it did not hold charge for too lengthy after 12 months. It might die within five days approximately, when the vehicle wasn’t driven.

It was inside a 2007 Benz ML350 and it was used mainly on weekends or lengthy distances.

I warrantied it through Amazon . com and also the second battery certainly holds charge longer.

I wish to believe getting this battery within the OEM is the perfect choice although not really sure. The OEM battery survived for any couple of many would hold charge a bit longer of your time.

It fit our 2006 X3 like other alternative batteries however i expect it to last considerably longer. The very first unit was broken in shipping. The packaging might be better and UPS may well be more gentile. Amazon . com customer support was excellent and required proper care of us immediately.

Hooked this as much as my nuts had a real nice charge.