Virtually same size like a Group 48 battery. Fit perfectly within my ’07 New Body Silverado (not classic). Changed the OEM AC-Delco Cat.# 7641. It’s overkill with this application with a large margin, however i run a set of Viar air compressors, and would really like a choice of running them without beginning the18 wheeler. They draw a max.of 60A, so a large battery is essential. I do not drive the18 wheeler much, therefore it is been mostly sitting to date.

Very little to state this soon within the existence from the battery. VERY costly battery — I really hope to obtain a The least 8 years from it like Used to do the OEM Delco battery (with the aid of a BatteryMinder 3-stage charger). I’ll update the ad basically encounter any issues. I have had another Journey (PC925) battery within my Polaris Sportsperson 800 within the last 24 months with excellent results. The winch, that we use to boostOrreduce the plow, draws a minimum of 40A, and combined using the slow speeds of plowing and adding hands, chair, and thumb thermal wear, and back-up lights, really puts a large strain on battery. To date that Journey has not skipped a beat yet. I really hope for the similar results from that one.

First battery showed up split completely in two, because of UPS playing catch by using it. Might have been packed alot better IMO. Seller changed with no hassle, however it did take a significant very long time to obtain the second battery here. I had been in no hurry, so not really a large deal.

The Journey Battery PC1220 fitted exactly in to the strict Saab Aero v6 battery shelf. It features a unyielding body and works out a pointed ignition that tops energy needs.

My battery within my Mercedes Benz finally died after four years and that i was nearly to to spend out $350 for any Megabytes battery which utilizes recycled lead within their batteries. Right before which i discovered concerning the Odydssey make of batteries that the friend uses in the motorboats and that he explained the typical lifespan of those batteries under very harsh conditions is all about 6 years the best of this of those batteries don’t merely die, linked with emotions . allow it to be progressively difficult to begin your engine which provides a ‘heads up’ that you’ll require a brand new battery rather than how traditional batteries just cease working and that is it, that alone may be worth the additional dollars as getting needed to replace batteries in the center of winter when it is been below zero.

New england jeeps fast shipping and awesome battery. In my JK.