I purchased a 2000 ford explorer that appears good and drives good [84000. miles onto it]. It just needed battery power and so i bought that one, place it in, and off I am going. Began up. I didn’t wish to spend a lot of cash on a ride I only compensated $1500. for which battery was a great deal. THANKS

The packaging is ridulous, required 4 batteries shipped to obtain 2 high quality ones that showed up not broken. I do need to admit they shipped substitutes for that broken ones extremely fast and did not hassel about those that where broken. From the first 2 shipped 1 was upside lower the situation all damaged round the devices. The alternative they sent showed up in one weight card board box greater than two times how big battery and also the bottom corner was all mashed in. I known as and spoken for them concerning the packaging however the next alternative showed up within the same type of box also it nearly fell apart once the UPS driver when you should unload it. Fortunately battery was OK. Great battery, great cost and I am confident battery is really produced by Exide having a Delco brand.

Battery only agreed to be fine until it went defective on me. The warranty through amazon . com is excellent plus they were enjoyable to cope with however ACdelco states battery is on back order and also have zero information after i could possibly get my alternative. Winter is approaching and I am so excited to possess a defective battery that I must charge frequently over evening in order to start the engine. Not keen on a business that does not have anybody with understanding about back purchased products and ETAs of recent ones… Can’t provide a 5-star review with that.

Only had battery a couple of several weeks before it unsuccessful.

**UPDATE. It’s 2 several weeks later since i have made my return claim and also the alternative continues to be not available. Neither ACDelco or Amazon . com will easily notice me when this is available. Just how can no one have the ability to let me know once they intend to convey more!? It’s ludacris. I am likely to take my cash refund and purchase another brand battery. I print ally ranked 3 stars d/t defect, now I have ranked 1 star d/t ACDelco being operated by brainless apes who can’t complete the straightforward task of hooking up me with who manages battery manufacturing.

The photo is exactly what I perform a couple occasions per week to charge my battery since it does not hold electric power charge regardless of the alternator having the ability to charge it simply fine. My vehicle nearly does not start sometimes. It’s getting worse now. Here we are at another battery and such a long time ACDelco batteries. It’s bad because they are ranked well here on Amazon . com.

Good deal on the ‘AGM’ battery,with marketing 25%off this battery would be a steal.Hopping to obtain years of use from it.

I haven’t found a similar battery for under about $180 in local auto parts stores.

Changed the dying original 10 y.o. battery on my small ’04 Durango with this particular. The18 wheeler began up, so I am happy. Time will inform, however i had an 02 sensor error prior to the change and to date, the mistake has not return on. I am wondering when the error was due to the weak battery. I opted for AGM because they are suppose to last two times as lengthy because the regular batteries. Hopefully, they’ll last as marketed. Timing could not happen to be better for me personally as Amazon . com was managing a 25% off promo.

Bought 2 batterys in my Ram 2500 Diesel.Installed today without any problems. Specs around the battery, 750cca, 120 reserve minutes. The date code signifies produced in Sept. 2013 so battery isn’t as ‘fresh’ as I’d like, otherwise things are OK. Packed in heavy boxes with lots of bubble wrap, batterys were in good shape.

perfect fit, shipped secure