Battery showed up completely released!!!!!!! As with D. E. A. D. dead! Voltmeter shows 10.6 volts so when mounted on Schumacher SC1200 wise charger, it reads 1% after which gradually begins to climb to 38% and that is all she authored! Upon closer inspection, battery continues to have the sticker showing the date it shipped in the manufacturer. Isn’t it time with this? September……2011. Yes, they shipped out battery power that’s practically three years old!

It is really an AGM battery which should have showed up mostly billed, not completely dead. AGM batteries sitting in excess of 6 several weeks will begin to sulfate. Following a year or even more, permanent damage will probably have happened. Nevertheless, I would give Amazon . com another chance given that they offered me a choice of refund or alternative, however when they explained it might be one to two several weeks prior to the alternative would ship, I elected for that refund.

I’m going to be adhering with local assets later on in my battery purchases.

I believed the sooner rater (This summer 2014) who received a totally dead battery had unhealthy luck to finish track of all of the a (very) old batch. So after Amazon . com offered out and restocked a couple of occasions they’d have actually fresh batteries, right? No such luck. The 2 I purchased (together with an ACDelco 34AGM) were several months . 5 old and 70% released. It appears like Amazon’s supplier is unloading their old stale batteries through Amazon . com.

I had been surprised to determine the battery’s condition of charge so low — an AGM must only self-discharge 2-3% monthly. Probably the most likely explanation is the fact that they were cooked inside a hot warehouse sooner or later. Regrettably the more battery power sits partly released, the greater the harmful sulfates develop, so these batteries have experienced permanent damage.

When they ever straighten out the availability issues, they are great batteries when correctly looked after.