These batteries are super fresh(May 2015)! This really is my third battery. First was 2 yrs old coupled with some shipping damage. After I received the final two batteries this month(This summer), they came essentially fully billed at 12.67 volts. After wearing them the charger for any couple of hrs, the resting current after 18 hrs was 13.02 volts. I’m with such inside a portable energy pack. They’re carrying out equally well as my Sears Diehard Platinum AGM group 31(75lbs.). Previously, Amazon . com have been shipping batteries which had sitting for 2 or 3 years inside a warehouse. I simply desired to let anybody thinking about this kind battery, realize that they are fresh batteries. My packaging also established that they were shipped from Vehicle to Amazon . com. Using the discount, this is actually the cheapest price anywhere to have an AGM battery of the size.