Cars are made by human hands, which makes them prone to damage and failure every now and then. The most common problem with cars is getting the battery depleted accidentally. You can get AAA to come to your rescue when this happens, or you might want to learn some of these tips for when triple A is not really an option.

Using jumper cables

  1. Find a running car with an owner willing to assist you.
  2. Get the running car as close as possible to the hood of the stalled car.
  3. Turn off both the engines, put the gears in parking mode, and open their hoods.
  4. Ensure you identify the positive and negative terminals for both batteries.
  5. Carefully clear all the terminals of dirt and/or acid.  Make sure that you do not touch them with your skin. Therefore, you should wear hand gloves when working for your safety.
  6. Clamp the jumper cables to both the batteries, ensuring that the positive of each battery is connected to the positive of the other, and the negative is connected to the negative.
  7.  Turn off the electronics (such as the AC and radio) of the car with the charged battery, and run its engine for about three minutes.
  8. Ensure that the car with the dead battery has no running electronics, and then turn on the engine.
  9. If the above stated point does not work, stop trying to run the engine with the dead battery, and try step 7 again.
  10.  This process should work well, unless the car has more than battery trouble, in which case you will need expert inspection.